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  1. Cigar Bombs
    you know who you are you some special salvo in the mail today just for you.... 9405 5036 9930 0277 5791 85
  2. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    I was raised on whole milk. I even partake of a tall glass of cold buttermilk now and again. I tried 2% milk for a short while, and even tried 1% a time or two... Not for me. Well, my wife had me try soy milk about a year ago. Her and my daughter, in a woman's typical manner to do healthy...
  3. General Pipe Forum
    I bought a 2oz tin of C&D Milk & Honey as the description sparked my interest. I think the blend/flavoring (Kentucky, Cavendish, Black Cavendish, Perique, Oriental with alcohol/liquor) is intriguing, but found the quality of the cut and execution to be less than I expected. Can anyone recommend...
  4. Habanos Discussion
    So I posted this question in the NC forum and a little bird (ASMARTBULL) suggested there would be some Cubans that fit this profile. Suggestions?
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    what sticks would you go after?:pop2:
  6. Jokes Forum
    A blonde heard that milk baths would make her beautiful. So she left a note for her milkman to leave 25 gallons of milk. When the milkman read the note, he felt there must be a mistake. He thought she probably meant 2.5 gallons. So he knocked on the door to clarify the point. The blonde...
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    I was reading an article online yesterday that said after a smoke a glass of cold milk goes nicely. I've heard of this before but never actually tried it, wondering if anyone here had any experience with this and whether or not it's worth trying. I guess if the cigar is mild and creamy, maybe it...
  8. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    So I was in Boston the other day with my parents. We stopped into an English style Pub/Restaurant named "Cornwalls". My parent's found Young's Double Chocolate Stout a few months back and loved it. They had it on their beer menu so they were going to order it. The waitress suggested trying the...
  9. Cigar Accessory Reviews
    ---> $139.98 Vinotemp 28-Bottle
  10. Non-Habanos Reviews
    This morning an errand brought me to the local drugstore. After grabbing the gallon of skim and a loaf of Italian Twist, I made a quick pass through the tobacco aisle to grab some butane on the way to checkout. Perched among the packages of machine rolled implements of gustatory torture, the...
  11. Coffee Discussion
    There is a whole thread on this over on; just proves that low tech and perseverance can produce a nice cuppa. I reckon the cost to set up one of these rigs should be well under the one dollar threshold. clicky
  12. Coffee Discussion
    In the past I have stated that, at least at this time, I am not much interested in dealing with a true espresso machine. I don't really go that way much and the price really puts it out ther for me. So, enter the moka pot. Sounds good, just what I'm looking for, and it's cheap-cheap-cheap. But...
  13. General Discussion
    No seriously, congrats on reaching 2300 RG. Your contribution is always welcomed:tu
  14. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    the only referrence i saw to the "milk stout" was HERE. there were other references to the "left hand" company and their website though. --- i picked up a 6 pack of this last night. i'm a huge stout fan, from guiness, to murphy's irish, to local micro-brews from all over, even the odd...
  15. Jokes Forum
    One morning, bright and early, a Minnesota farmer went out to milk his cow and found that the cow had died during the night. The family needed a cow, as it was their only source of milk. The farmer went to the house and looked in the want ads, hoping to find a milk cow for sale and sure enough...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    I found myself enjoying a large bottle of milk a few weekends ago with my favorite breakfast smoke - the Fonseca Triangulares. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the two complemented each other. I guess life is full of pleasant surprises. It wasn't intentional, I was only drinking the...
  17. Jokes Forum
    This storty is probably one of those urban ledgends, but it's kinda funny anyway. Early in the last century Carnation started marketing their condensed milk and the company decided to run a contest to see who could write the best jingle, which Carnation planned to use in advertising the...
  18. Cigar Bombs
    scratch that...put out some Bolivars and whiskey
  19. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    MMM, what a great taste. Having some Ahmad Ceylon tea with sugar and milk....yummmy! Any other tea buffs?
  20. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Not my normal social crowd but might lead to a job. What I can show up with about 50 bucks to spend and not make and asshat out of myself? And yes I know I am on the cheap side but being unemployed does that to a person. figure 50/50 split of and drinks and eats . Stacey
1-20 of 21 Results