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  1. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    First & Foremost.... thank you all for allowing me to take this thing this far... I have just reached a couple of milestones that I'd like to share and thank ya'all for.... I've passed the 100 humidor mark - milestone #1.... I've landed on 6 continents.... with the recent booking of...
  2. General Discussion
    Despite having the demeanor of a crotchety 70 year old, I'm actually fairly young (25). Been on CS since I was maybe 17-18. Been through college, various relationships and life experiences, etc and shared/relied upon CS members as guides for much of, the joys (sheer misery) of home...
  3. General Discussion
    A two for one congrats thread!! Deem, who has dwelled in the Jungle since 1999, but recently started posting here again, broke the barrier. I had the distinct privilge to meet Deem recently, and he is a Salt of the Earth BOTL and great guy....hope you continue to honor us with your presence...
  4. General Discussion
    Jeff has hit the big 300... You deserve every one of them Jeff... thanks for you being part of the jungle!
1-4 of 4 Results