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  1. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    At once it has that peppery tinge without erupting into a bite that spoils the other flavors, creamy and a bit oily, just enough of what you want a... Read the full review here: Avo Domaine Domaine 50 Cigar Review - Avo D-50 is mighty fine.
  2. Cigar Pictures
    I've posted a teaser picture or two, but here in details is Shazam, my mighty tupperdor. Its where the majority of my havana puros are doing time until I get my new WaxingMoon Humidor. Its fairly big, measuring 75cm x 44cm x 23 cm. Before the cigar spa i used beads and oust fans exclusively...
  3. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    If you don't like mild cigars, you probably won't enjoy the Low Rider. I found it mighty good when paired with a nice sippin whiskey or even a gin ... Read the full review here: Zino Platinum Scepter Series Low Rider Cigar Review - Mild but Mighty
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    My friend and I had a hour to Puff.... So I raced over to his house and he whips out Mighty Mouse!!! LOL!! A Stubby, Well Rolled, Dark Little Guy, ... Read the full review here: 5 Vegas Series A Atomic Ltd. Cigar Review - Mighty Mouse
  5. General Pipe Forum
    The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy series that deals with the surreal adventures of Vince Noir and Howard Moon. if you've never watched a British sitcom, you may not get this at first, but I think a lot of the humor translates well. the set up for this episode was that Howard Moon wants to...
  6. Cigar Bombs
    Thanks to Shuckins I can scratch some cigars off of my wish list. Thanks a ton, good sir! I had no idea this was coming, just went to the mailbox to get the bills as usual and there was a key in the box. Opened up the oversize box and KABOOOOOOM!!!!!!
  7. Sports Forum
    There is alot of talk around board at the moment about football since your season has just started, but our winter sports are nearly over and we are at the business end of the season. I follow (with passion) Rugby League (not to be confused with Rugby Union) and the Warriors team. Now the...
  8. General Discussion
    That's right people, "next year" is finally here. I have a good feeling about the Bills this year. Solid romp of the Seahawks today. Yeah Buddy!!!:bl:bl:bl:bl:bl:bl:bl:bl:bl:bl
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    I have a couple of cigar buffs that I work with that say I look like a maduro kinda guy. I tried one RyJ Maduro early on and felt it was a little over powering for my taste buds that soon. Since I've begun to smoke more I feel ready to dive in deeper but wanted to solicit from the experts on...
  10. Cigar Bombs
    Well, the time has come. I thought I'd start small... Watch this space! :biggrin:. Better late than never!
  11. Cigar Bombs
    I was talking to Bear at the Detroit Herf last week and some how the conversion gets around to spicy food and hot sauces. I advised him that one of my other vices is hot sauces. I forgot Marc told me about the some Habanero jelly he had and offered to send me a sample. Must have been the thick...
  12. General Discussion
    After 13 years Mighty Mouse was looking pretty faded and lonely. Well we gave him some new colour and a skyline to be flying through. She will be adding a blue sky in a few weeks. Here are the before and after shots.
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    Picasso was believed to be a stillborn baby. However his uncle, Salvador Quiz Blasco a well known doctor, revived the baby by blowing cigar smoke into lifeless Pablo's lungs. Fascinating! I never knew!
  14. Cigar Pictures
    Nice PIF received from stiff! Thanks man! Great smokes!
  15. General Discussion
    :bl Congrats Vic on hitting 2900 RG !! :bl
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    Oh yes, it's time for an ultra-super cool contest again! And this one just might be the most ambitious one I've thrown yet...hehehe.... I got this idea, when I consider how great this community is and how generous it has been to me personally. It's a collective effort of generosity and over-all...
  17. Cigar Bombs
    Not a bomb, but a MISSILE. *hint* 0304 1560 0004 5690 0845
  18. Cigar Questions
    I've smoked a couple of churchill sized cigars since last weekend. Being new to the cigar world this was my first experience with that size. I found that it was very difficult to get a good draw from them. I just didn't feel like I was getting enough smoke. Now that may be due to the cigar...
1-18 of 18 Results