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  1. Sports Forum
    Being a die hard Mets fan, I couldn't help but laugh at this. Enjoy -If the Mets score a run, odds are they are likely to return the favor and give the run back, generally in the next half inning. This also applies for innings in which they strand runners in scoring position. -If the Mets...
  2. Sports Forum
    With just 2 games left, this Phils just jumped to a 2 game lead and if the Brewers keep their lead they will be a game back in the wild card race.
  3. Sports Forum some sign of passion on the bench, on the field....anywhere?!!! They're sleep walking...I know its early, but the signs are not promising. Yo Mets.....Wake the f*ck up.....!!
  4. Sports Forum
    Well since the Mets are in NYC they felt that they needed to update their image to a more global and diverse feel. I question though if this is the direction they want to go in.;) ATL
  5. Sports Forum
    We just came back from a minor league game tonight, and I had the very same thought during that game...does that make me bad and should I turn myself into authorities???;)
  6. Sports Forum
    Just anounced that Pedro will miss the entire post-season for the Mets due to his calf injury. :ms NCRM
  7. Sports Forum
    The Stogie Guys posted about what cigars were being smoked during the Mets NL East championship celebration from Monday night. Pretty good stuff... at least in the eyes of a Mets fan!
  8. Sports Forum
    I'd just like to say that there are actually New Yorkers that hate the Yankees, yes I am one of them. I've been a mets fan since I was 7 years old and got to see Straw, Doc, Mookie, and Gary win the world series in 86. And Its been incredible this season, well deserved. Just living as a Mets...
1-8 of 8 Results