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  1. General Pipe Forum
    This is a 23 year old churchwarden that has never been smoked. I know the guy who had it, and he found it in his grandfather's attic. His grandfather got it on a trip to Turkey in 1988. It was given to my friend, who in turn gave it to me free of charge. I thought you guys might enjoy it. It can...
  2. General Pipe Forum
    Fellow members, Could someone with extensive knowledge of Meer pipes explain to me how to correctly clean a Meer? I recently received a beautiful SMS Meer as a gift and I want to make sure that I don't do anything that will permanently damge it. It has a beautful acrylic stem which I...
  3. General Pipe Forum
    Hey meer guys, I have wanted a meer for a while, but the cost of a new one is just a bit much since I dont know if I will even like it. But on a recent trip to an antique store I found about 6 meer pipes in the $35-60 range and the ability to hold and inspect the pipe before I buy makes this...
  4. General Pipe Forum
    Ok guys, so I had a mishap last night. I have my meer up high on a shelf, not with the rest of my pipes, so my kids can't get to it. It is a meer my father-in-law gave me and I rarely smoke it. Well, I was pulling my pipe cleaners down off the shelf, and they got caught on the stem and the...
  5. General Pipe Forum
    Q: What do the Tower of London and my Meerschaum pipe have in Common? A: They're both haunted by old English's I picked up a couple pipes off a member of a different forum a couple weeks ago and one of the pipes was a lattice carved IMP Meerschaum, unfortunately the pipe REEKS of latakia...
  6. General Pipe Forum
    In honor of my new Altinok meerschaum, while smoking, I've been listening to American bands that play Turkish and Balkan-inspired music, and I'd like to share it with the forum. I'd imagine this is a big change of pace for most of us, but it is quite mellow and conducive to quality meerschaum...
  7. General Pipe Forum
    I read on here somewhere that pressed Meer is more resilient to ghosting. True or not? If so I was thinking about trying to find a pressed Meer for the sole purpose of smoking Aromatics out of. So one type of aromatic doesn't impart too much flavor on another. Is this just a silly idea? If not...
  8. General Pipe Forum
    Just obtained a used meer. It is a very large Bacchus head carving. In any event, it has a screw-on stem where the tennon is affixed to the shank and the female threads are in the stem. The only meers I have are with a twist pull type tenon. Is this screw-on type a rarity?
  9. General Pipe Forum
    Let me preface this with a confession. Im lazy. Ive only been smoking pipes for a few months and im hooked. I love to smoke. Clean? Ream? Build cake? Not so much. So, ive seen meer lined briars on a certain e-tailer for a decent price and im looking to move up from my MM's to something I...
  10. General Pipe Forum
    I am an experimenter, and I buy new pipes all the time to try new things or people who know me will send me pipes they come across. I am an unabashed Meer Smoker! I grew up in a Meer and porcelain pipe family. As I have stated in other posts all the men are pipe smokers and the only time you...
  11. General Pipe Forum
    So, it is going to be a week or so before insurance figures out what they think my recent loss was worth (what they will pay). So, for the time being I have some time to shop. Other than E-bay which I prefer not to gamble on for my next meer as it may be the only one I have for awhile who...
  12. General Pipe Forum
    With the talk of the club pipe, does anyone have an idea how much a sitter meer carved like the helmet below would cost? I figure it could be nice and solid white with some of the painted art carved in and the visor done with a very light rustication, just for a contrast.
  13. General Pipe Forum
    I just got my first meerschaum. It was a little small and I wasn't sure about it. But it's perfect! I was really surprised at the quality of the smoke. So, any tips from anyone who smokes one on a regular basis?
  14. General Pipe Forum
    Didn't IMP go out of business? Am I remembering this correctly? I see brand new IMP on ebay. Thought there was a carver who passed ... or something.
  15. General Pipe Forum
    Rare Meerschaum Pipe I almost want to lowball him. That thing looks like a lot of fun.
  16. General Pipe Forum
    When my father-in-law was going through a hard time in his life he decided that God was urging him to end his smoking habits and he ended up breaking all of his pipes. *Enter gasps of horror* He is recovered of this and is re-establishing himself... but the only pipe that he says he really...
  17. General Pipe Forum
    I bought an estate meer on ebay, and it has a funny smell/taste in teh bowl. Is it okay to use the professors salt and alc treatment on a meer? What about pipe sweeteners? Are there any other differences in meer care? Also, it is a straight pipe, and whistles. What is that all about? Thanks.
  18. General Pipe Forum
    I am not able to put up pics right now. i know we have a photo's of your pipes thread but i was thinking maybe a show how your meer is coloring up thread. Let's see them!
  19. General Pipe Forum
    So I've seen some meerschaum lined briars on ebay... anyone have one>? What brand is yours?... I've seen no names and briarcraft brands on ebay for very cheap I wonder if they smoke well. How does yours smoke, is it cool or hot? Did you buy it estate or new, how much was it? I don't really...
  20. General Pipe Forum
    So I found a cool figural Meer on craigslist for 30 bucks. Looks to be in great condition and the owner said it looks like it was only smoke a few times. It is from the 1930's apparently and came with the box that has instructions also. I think I might purchase that instead of a cob for my first...
1-20 of 36 Results