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  1. Habanos Discussion
    Just got 2 boxes of these in and they do not look right to me... Did they get the best of me? These are from a major supplier that I have purchased from before and had good luck with. I can take more pictures if needed.
  2. Habanos Discussion
    I have a chance to get a 5er of each of these are they worth it??
  3. Habanos Discussion
    That Nino is a funny dude!
  4. Habanos Discussion
    I read a couple of places where the Bolivar Gold Medal is going to be discontinued again. Has anybody else heard this or can confirm this? I think someone from one of the LCDH websites in Germany posted about this.
  5. Gamers Forum
    Picked up the new MOH for PS3 today. Only messed with it for a half hour before work but is looks pretty good. The M4A1s sound very realistic. Almost gave me the chills when I heard it through the surround sound. All the controls are very similar to Call of Duty MW2. Tomorrow i plan on trying...
  6. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Bought a ten pack and have 2 of them so far. the rest will be aged. This is an excellent lil smoke, has that signature Bolivar honey/caramel/nutt... Read the full review here: Bolivar (Cuba) Gold Medal Cigar Review - Tasty lil Treat
  7. Habanos Reviews
    So I got this back in early 2007 at my local B&M (yes I paid an arm and a leg). I opened up the humidor and couldn't stand that golden sheen looking back at me anymore. I had to do something about it. So I took it out as a celebration of a good summer. As you can see this is one of the most...
  8. Habanos Discussion
    I have a box of 07 BGM's sitting in the humidor. My friend calls me and asks me if I want to smoke a cigar, I said sure and he came over and showed me a few sticks he brought back from Canada. I checked out the store and it sems legit. A BGM as well as a few other cubans. I smoked a Bolivar...
  9. Sports Forum Has anyone seen this online yet?
  10. General Discussion
    Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. 13th verse of the 15th chapter of the Gospel according to John
  11. Jokes Forum
    Made ya look:D
  12. Habanos Reviews
    Had one of these in a PPP last weekend. First time have seen one with a loose draw. Got pretty good at the 1/2 way point but generally not as good as the 07's were off the boat. Could be an anomoly with one cigar or might be the company it was keeping.
  13. Habanos Discussion
    Anyone smoke any of these lately? :D Had an original rerelease of the the Wolters release last week that was really good. SMoked an 08 that was kind of flat till the 1/2 way point. The 08 was the first of these for me that actually had a loose draw.
  14. Habanos Reviews
    I decided to celebrate my fantastic trip to the Masters Wednesday Practice Round with a CC I had rested for a few weeks from a generous trade with DBall. This smoke just looks rich! Beautiful gold wrapper over the head of the 42 X 6.44" cigar comes off easily. (I think I have the dimensions...
  15. Cigar Questions
    Okay, this holiday season I'm really looking forward to trying a Bolivar Gold Medal. Here's my question. Normally I like to drink a Havana Club Blanco and Cola taking small sips with most Bolivar's, as I find it goes very well togehter, but I'm up for trying a different pairing. Here's my two...
  16. Habanos Reviews
    I know there have been a few reviews but Id like to give my opinion on these. I have not tried an original or 04 release so I was really amped up to see the price on these now and ended up getting a box and a half. Started smoking in the 3rd quarter of the LSU/Alabama football game hoping it...
  17. Cigar Questions
    Hi, I know this is only my second post (1st being my intro), but I need some advice on my newly acquired box of Bolivar Gold Medals dated Feb07 from Switzerland. I've read various posts re these cigars and understand they should be aged to reap the full benefit. My first question is how...
  18. Habanos Reviews
    While my wife was napping during our vacation in Aruba, I decided to take a Bolivar Gold Medal (2007) out on the balcony with me and just take in the scenery. I decided to pair this one up with one of my favorite German beers....Warsteiner! :dr Although Bolivar is not one of my favorite...
  19. Habanos Reviews
    I decided to try the Bolivar Gold Medal tonight. Presentation is top quality with the gold foil. The wrapper is very chocolatey and smooth. Actually the entire box was very uniform in wrapper consistency. The ash was white/gray but fell off around an inch. The only major drawback in my...
  20. Habanos Discussion
    Tastey, brilliant packaging and cameo apperances, are what the McDonalds McRib and Bolivar Gold Medal have in common :D I just recently had the opppertunity to try the latest release of the Gold Medal, having missed out on the last 2 apperiances i was excited to try this thing, and a little...
1-20 of 26 Results