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  1. Sports Forum
    1. LincolnSmokes - Washington Capitals 2. JayPulay - Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Rupuzld - Chicago Blackhawks 4. RuralHipster - San Jose Sharks 5. SmoknTaz - Vancouver Canucks 6. Tarks - Detroit Red Wings 7. PitbullJimmy - New Jersey Devils 8. PointBreak - Ottawa Senators 9. PointBreak - Phoenix...
  2. Sports Forum
    Alrighty boys it's back! What are ya watchin' and what are you predicting? I am watching Falcons/Panthers- My prediction is for Carolina to run rough-shod over the Falcons. Go Panthers!! Also: Dallas/Jacksonville- Man I don't really know which this game will go, but I am giving the edge to...
1-2 of 2 Results