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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    I bought a couple La Flor de Maria Mancini's the other week. They've been in the humidor and I am smoking one now. They are good but not amazing. For the price (low) they are decent. Perhaps I need to age for 6 months to a year. Thoughts?
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    Hi all. I'm new to the forums here...... just wondering if anyone else tried a Maria Mancini. I recently picked up a box from JR and was quite surprised at how good they were. I't's wrapped the H2000 wrapper (maduro also available) which I thought was quite good. Best Regards
  3. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I pretty much agree with Cigarslut's assessment, but.... Yes, the burn is uneven, but so what? The rest of the cigar's characteristics are on poi... Read the full review here: Maria Mancini De Gaulle Cigar Review - VERY GOOD SMOKE
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    It had excellent construction resulting is a perfect draw, burn and ash. The taste was average, earthy with some spice, but nothing to write home a... Read the full review here: Maria Mancini Robusta Larga Cigar Review - Not bad for a cheap smoke
  5. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I would have to disagree with many of the characterizations of this cigar. I just finished smoking one after it was sitting in my humidor for ab... Read the full review here: Maria Mancini De Gaulle (M) Cigar Review - a gem
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    Ive read in a few threads lately, and I know its always a goal to find that great stick for $2-3. I just got done smoking a Maria Mancini and I have to say, I may have just found my golden stick. :whoo: It was a good stick when I first got it, and the one I just had, with about a year of age...
  7. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This was a solid, respectable cigar. Initial taste was very good-- very nutty. The cigar evolved into something that was earthy-- almost remini... Read the full review here: Maria Mancini Magic Mountain (Maduro) Cigar Review - Solid
  8. Splits & Group Buys
    Mancini, will you marry me. A box of these is circa 50.00 bucks I linked the review i made on the bottom of the page. its a great smoke. here's a review i wrote...
  9. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Maria Mancini De Gaulle Size: 4.75 x 52 Tobacco: Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua Price: $2.10 I won a box of these cigars (named for the famous Italian courtesan who captured the heart of King Louis XIV) from JR Auctions at the ridiculous price of $27. I tried to pace myself, making the box...
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    I had forgotten about these cigars until I was looking through the latest JR Cigars catalog. I remember having several of these at least 4 years ago and loving the natural Magic Mountain. I believe they got some pretty good ratings in CA too. JR has them for $45/box of 20.
  11. Want to Sell/Trade (WTS)
    I have a bunch of different cigar to trade or I'd buy a 5 or 10 pack off someone. I know they're not expensive, but they are hard to find around me. Thanks
  12. Non-Habanos Reviews
    I purchased these about a year ago. Tried one after shipment and they were INSANE HARSH...Stuck them in the Humi until tonight, and decided to break one out. Origin: Wrapper: Costa Rica Binder: Honduran Filler: Nicaragua Construction: Fairly Crude, Box Pressed Cigar. Veiny wrapper. Not a...
  13. Non-Habanos Reviews
    A B&M daily smoke suggestion. At $3.75 (NYS 35% tax on wholesale for retailers) for a rothschild I wasn't expecting much from this cigar. The messed it up a bit by not puching hard on the desktop cutter, never used one before. However, the construct was a bit weak. We'll get to that...
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    The MM line are real value cigars.:teacher: Available at JR's & Lynns, among others. Especially the de-Gaulle robusto with the H2000 maduro wrapper and the Magic Mountain maduro are two of my favorites. Dark maduro taste with floral tones. Great after 6 months or more aging. The de-Gaulle can...
  15. Non-Habanos Reviews
    EPICREVIEWHERE Maria Mancini Cigars -Magic Mountain Size: 6 x 54 Shape: Toro Wrapper: Nicaragua Filler: Honduras Binder: Honduras From: Papajohn67 part of the The Club Stogie Tag Team Newbie Give Away - Round 2 Location: while packing up my garage:mad: because I am moving...I hate...
  16. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Been wanting to try this cigar since I'd had the MM Magic Mountain both Nat and Maduro (both go to smokes IMHO). Tried a single from a local B&M ($7- per stick; Kalifornia go figure). Seemed promising so ordered a box of degaulle maduro's from JRcigar - upon arrival the first one seemed...
  17. Non-Habanos Reviews
    La Flor De Maria Mancini - MAGIC MOUNTAIN Maduro Gifted by NC RadioMan; Thanks so much! Your gift of the sampler has provided me the chance to sample so many great cigars! Found this info from JRCigar about size and make: "Size: 6X54 Wrapper Color: Medium Brown Wrapper Type: Habana 2000...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    Ordered 20 Maria Mancini "De Gaulle" Maduro - 4.75x52 and some Consuegra No.502 3.88x38. 54 dollars total. Judging from several good reviews on the Maria Mancini and Consuegra lines here on Club Stogie, I went ahead and clicked submit. I hope I enjoy these Cigars. I like the box pressed...
  19. Non-Habanos Reviews
    My first attempt at a review- I decided to order a 8 pack sampler of this cigar from JR - 4 each maduro and natural; for $19 hard to go wrong there. Background: My all time favorite book is The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann - the protagonist's favorite cigar is.... you guessed it --- Maria...
  20. Cigar Questions
    Couldn't find the answer anywhere on the net. The packaging looks very similar to Camacho, from the box to the wrappings and the inner graphics.
1-20 of 23 Results