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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Do any of you smoke CT broadleaf machine made cigars? Three brands that are still in existence (all over 100 year old companies) are Muniemaker, Topper & Evermore. These are the cigars I started with back in mid eighties. They were very popular here in CT. They are decent cheap smokes. The only...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    I thought of this after reading Rocketman248's review of the Partagas de Luxe Habanos. ... opic&t=628 It was interesting to hear that the Cuban stick was machine made. Then I remembered that I read a long time ago that many of the tubed Cuban cigars were...
  3. Habanos Discussion
    Franksmith piqued my curiosity and he's been around longer than I have, so if he doesn't know, then maybe alot of us other rookies could stand a small lesson as well. Being that the forbidden fruit can have quite a hefty price tag associated with it, not to mention the risk of forgeries and the...
  4. Cigar Questions
    Are most U.S. produced machine-made cigars dry cured? Put another way, how do I store a box of something like Topper or Marsh Wheeling?
1-4 of 4 Results