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  1. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    A great experience for both new and seasoned smokers! We reviewed this cigar in more depth at Read the full review here: Macanudo Gold Label Duke of York Cigar Review - Another Fine Mac!
  2. General Pipe Forum
    This thingie: MacBaren Leather Pipe Cleaner Storage Case Does anybody here use one? If so, is it put together pretty well? I'm getting tired of shoving my BJ Longs' into a dilapidated old Dill's sleeve...
  3. General Pipe Forum
    So UPS guy decided to show up when i was hope today.. haha.. First off, the Luciano Bulldog: And a Vauen Bent apple Sitter:
  4. General Pipe Forum
    I was rescently turned onto Club Blend and have really been enjoying it! I noticed that the Roll Cake is very similar but with the addition of perique. So my question is how noticeable is the perique and what are your thougths on these two and will they age well?
  5. Pipe Related Reviews
    So i received a pouch (0.7 Oz) of this in a recent purchase from (love those people they always toss in a freebie!) Its a blend of virginia, latakia, burley, cavendish and sprayed with 30 year Glenfarclas Scotch... and im not particularly sure how i feel about it. Packed one...
  6. Pipe Related Reviews
    Although the Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake might be considered an aromatic, this one definitely is. The room note is quite nice, as one might expect, much like the smell in the tin -- vanilla all the way. Not much of that taste in the smoke, though. The flakes were rather moist in the freshly...
  7. General Pipe Forum
    Anyone like these blends? I picked up a 100g tin of the "Dark Twist" yesterday, and haven't opened it yet. Just like spun cuts, and have been enjoying Mac Baren's flakes so I took a chance. I see that they make quite a few "Roll Cakes", and the descriptions are all very similar. Anyone tried...
  8. General Pipe Forum
    Here is some useful information. <O:p</O:pI recently bought a few Mac Baren tins and was getting ready to input the info into my tobacco cellar. I noticed that there wasn't a date on the tins, so I emailed the company and asked how to decipher the codes that were present. <O:p</O:pTo the right...
  9. General Discussion
    All of the sudden all my icons on the desktop are gone. I can access them through Spotlight, but that's it. :hmm: How can I get them back on the desktop?!? Thanks in advance!
  10. Tech Corner
    Is there anyway to get my iPhone to stream onto my computer? I have an app to stream TV onto my phone, but I'd like to get it to a bigger screen. We can get some football games that we can't see in our viewing area, but we can watch them on my phone with the app. Anybody got an answer for me...
  11. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I'm a Mac Fan so why not buy a fiver when I saw a good price for the Diplomat on Cbid? Well, even with a fair amount of aging they don't come up t... Read the full review here: Macanudo Cafe Diplomat Cigar Review - Looks Like a MAC
  12. Pipe Related Reviews
    I'm sipping Mixture Flake just like I do Navy Flake, and it's steadily growing on me with each little pull on the bit end. The most notable thing is that this flake allows itself to be smoked at a low level of burning - it appears to be going out but doesn't, at least not right away, and...
  13. General Pipe Forum
    So I've been smoking some HH Mature VA & some VA #1, I gotta be honest, I don't really like this stuff. It burns great but I get almost no taste from it. When compared to a SG VA this stuff just seems bland. Am I smoking the wrong MB VA's? Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody really like...
  14. Pipe Related Reviews
    I just bought a tin of this. I friend of mine let me dip into a very old tin of his a week ago, it was a little dry but an interesting smoke. When I saw this today I decided to pick it up and give it a shot. At first the latakia was a little more pronounced than I remembered. About 1/2 way...
  15. Tech Corner
    Last year my wife and children got me a 17" Macbook Pro for my b-day, and I love it! Anyone else using a Mac? If so, what kind? Do you sync and iPod to it for traveling tunes? -W
  16. Pipe Related Reviews
    Wow absolutely fabulous stuff. It's strong enough to keep my interest but not too strong to bite or turn my stomach, even early in the morning. Upon opening the tin it reminded me of Drum tobacco, from back in my "roll yer own" days. A nice cool smoke, no casing detected, and a pleasant room note.
  17. Pipe Related Reviews
    Great stuff! Another VA pleaser from Mac Baren. A nice nutty/sweetness to it, smokes pretty cool. On first light it has a little bit of a nibble at my tongue but it doesn't last. I don't detect any casing or added flavoring. I highly recommend it to VA smokers. It has enough spice to keep my...
  18. Pipe Related Reviews
    This is a brand new offering from our tongue nibbling Danish friends at MacBaren. I went looking for their "official" description on the MacB site, but there is no mention of this blend! Oh well, lifting the text from smokingpipes instead: I got a sizable (rather, huge) sample from SlowT. This...
  19. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    I have almost 2 oz of virginia/cavendash mix I can trade Plus several oz of aromatics I want a tin of Navy Blend Plum Cake. I would also buy it from you at the right price.
1-19 of 93 Results