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  1. Cigar Pictures
    Well here they are now about 8 weeks into it. They are growing like crazy. I now have them outside in the full sun and in larger pots now. A few have been eaten, died, etc. I will post updates about every 2-3 weeks for you guys!
  2. General Discussion
    Here are my plants which are now about 6 weeks old. They are not that big yet, but are growing well. I will be moving them out to full sun in about a week. I will keep one inside the screened area for a shadegrown. I stuck a match into the soil on the pictures for a size comparirson!!!!!
  3. Cigar Pictures
    I went out and smoked a #123 tonight and decided to take some pics of the tobacco plants and post an update. I transplanted them about 3-4 days ago, from the trays, to the small pots. I stuck a matchstick in the dirt next to the one plant to show size. These suckers are growing fast now. I...
  4. Smoking Action
    Well here are a few shots of Steve, T.J., and I at Steve's shop last night. I absolutely schooled them in poker. We smoked some fine cigars, and put some faces with names and had a blast. I took the last pic for T.J.s wife to see. He was spending the babies life savings there like a kid in a...
1-4 of 4 Results