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  1. Sports Forum
    How does the brotherhood divide? Geaux Tigers
  2. Sports Forum
    dont have a heart attack cause it aint never going to happen I'm watching games tonight and scores scroll across the bottom of the screen and here we are LSU ( no. 5 in the country ?) playing UL Monroe I assume this is Univ of Louisiana at Monroe on November 13. give me a break. all the SEC...
  3. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Our good friend and BOTL, CajunMaduro (Dave) has ordered up an "all the bells and whistles" humidor.... one look at his nickname and you can imagine what he wants.... This is only the beginning... there's a lot in store for this thing... Purple Heart & Yellow Heart - This stuff is dense.... I...
  4. Sports Forum
    First. Congratulations to Georgia. You took it to LSU and out played them. Second. I know it's very hard to a team to repeat as national champions but I can't help be be frustrated and depressed by LSU this year. At times they have played liked defending champions. At other times like the...
  5. Sports Forum
    Is this Tulane that ransacked the team and coaches and replaced them? WTF is going on here? Was the past two weeks off used as personal vacation time for everyone?! Well, obviously. Time to dive into a few drinks. :mad::mad::mad: rant off
  6. Sports Forum
    This is GREAT news! The boy has a game at 4:30 tomorrow, which would have conflicted with the original start time of the LSU game (5PM EST). This is due to the potential threat of Gustav. We're hoping and praying for the best, but a great way to kick off the season...early!:)
  7. Sports Forum
    Awesome game! Filled with emotional innings and hope at the end. Treating myself to a Padron 26 in their honor! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!
  8. Sports Forum
    HEY! JIMMIE! YOUR FAVORITE QB IS OFF THE TEAM AGAIN!!!!! LSU QB Perrilloux suspended for team rules violation February 18, 2008 AP - Feb 18, 6:15 pm EST BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) -- LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules, coach Les Miles said...
  9. Sports Forum
    LSU down 21-2 to the Vols #1 ranked womens team, put on a heck of a comback last night beating the lady vols by 16... Thats a comeback!
  10. Sports Forum John Brady has been fired. I have NEVER liked this chump, he has been sucking for years and would have been gone a long time if they hadn't gone to the final four a few years ago. LSU is too good of a school to have ANY team this bad. Good riddance! :)
  11. Sports Forum
    The price of winning will be paid by the purple and gold faithful. :confused: Since I gave up my season tickets long ago, and usually only get about 3 or 4 games a year, it won't hurt too bad.
  12. Sports Forum
    GOOOOO Buckeyes :D I'll be grubbin' :popcorn: , drinkin' :drinking: , and smokin' :smoke: an RP Edge rooting for the Bucks to spank the kitties :spank: . Anybody got any good plans? Bold predictions? I think it's a close game with special teams playing a big role. OSU 38 - LSU 31 :dude...
  13. Sports Forum
    Only in Louisiana... In LSU country, football trumps trial date By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN, Associated Press Writer December 21, 2007 NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Justice can wait until after the LSU game. A state judge near the home of the Tigers has agreed to postpone a trial scheduled to start on the same...
  14. General Discussion
    Very sad:
  15. Sports Forum
    A lot of them must be insane. I've been listening to WWL-870AM (50,000 watts radio station) the biggest radio station in the state. The talk all afternoon and into tonight has been about how Les Miles is taking the Michigan job. Guess who all the insane LSU fans are saying will be the next head...
  16. Sports Forum;_ylt=AlUCqb.W_tDcLxZCunjXn8EcvrYF?slug=ap-lsufight&prov=ap&type=lgns Friggin' IDIOTS! Well, there goes our 2 QB system for the game...Now my palms are getting sweaty...:mad:
  17. Sports Forum
    The AP Poll was just released. The top 12 is as follows: 1. LSU 2. USC 3. Cal 4. Ohio State 5. Wisconsin 6. South Florida 7. Boston College 8. Kentucky 9. Florida 10. Oklahoma 11. South Carolina 12. Georgia Congratulations to the teams that moved up. In the USA Today Coaches Poll, USC...
  18. Sports Forum
    What a game LSU is putting on so far. Smoking something nice for this victory.
  19. Everywhere Else
    So Aug. 30th (thurs) is the season opener for LSU football and don juan cigar company in Baton Rouge, LA is having a tailgate party. Needless to say i'll be there. Who want's to join me? PM me with you're e-mail addy and i'll forward the e-mail i got from don juan with the details.
  20. Sports Forum
    Not that I watch it or anything but from what I have heard she is an amazing coach and that something is definently wrong for her to announce her leave before seasons end...people are saying to watch the drama about to occur.
1-20 of 34 Results