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  1. Cigars On The Move
    Congratulations to our November Puff Lottery winner. Stevo (JeepersJeep) with #26 !!! Please join me in congratulations. Stevo please provide your shipping details to all participants via PM. Here is a list of participants: 1. OPEN SPOT- 11,34,4 - 2. BDog - 31,30,13 - 3. FWTX - 25,23,37...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    Who is this KASR guy anyways?? I dunno - word on the street says he likes to bomb people - but since I'm the democratic kind of cat (Here and Here) I thought I'd relive a little of the glory years and show everyone how the OG's of Clubstogie used to roll! (before the assimilation by Puff that...
  3. Cigars On The Move
    This month it looks like BDog (Uhhhh,Me) won the Puff Lottery with #31! Powerball - Home Whoo Hoo!!! Please post up in this thread with greetings, congratulations, and tracking numbers. Here is a list of the participants for the October 2011 Puff Lottery 1. Pipedreeamz - 11,34,4 - 2. BDog -...
  4. Cigars On The Move
    Congratualtions to TUXGUY on winning the Puff Lottery for Sept 2011 with the number 2. Please post in this thread with DC#'s and tracking on winnings! 1. Pipedreeamz - 11,34,4 - 2. BDog - 31,30,13 - 3. FWTX - 25,23,37 - 4. VersionX- 6,15,5 - 5. Usrower321- 8,3,19 - 6. JeepersJeep - 26,12,14-...
  5. Cigars On The Move
    Version X is the winner this month for August with the winning number being - 6 Details here Powerball - Home Please join me in congratulating VersionX in his victory! Oh, and also send him some great sticks. Please post up DC #'s in this thread and VersionX please post pictures of the...
  6. Cigars On The Move
    July's List of Lottery Participants 1. Pipedreeamz - 11,34,4 - 2. BDog - 31,30,13 - 3. FWTX - 25,23,37 - 4. Mike91LX - 6,15,5 - 5. Swany- 8,3,19 - 6. Reino - 26,12,14- 7. TuxGuy - 39,2,24 - 8. Titlowda- 21,27,9 - 10. EricF - 36,38,28 - 11. tmajer15 - 17,29,7 - 12. Evonnida - 16,35,32 -...
  7. Cigars On The Move
    Here are all the entires: 1. Pipedreeamz - 11,34,4 - 2. BDog - 31,30,13 - 3. FWTX - 25,23,37 - 4. Mike91LX - 6,15,5 - 5. jbrown287- 8,3,19 - 6. Reino - 26,12,14- 7. johnmoss - 39,2,24 - 8. Titlowda- 21,27,9 - WINNER! Winning Number 21! Congratulations! 9. Seasick Sailor - 10,8,22 - 10...
  8. Cigars On The Move
    Congratulations tmajer15 (Tom)! Out May 2011 WINNER! Please post DC # in THIS thread with winnings sent to tmajer15.
  9. General Pipe Forum
    As of today (and I am still on vacation so there is a week till I handle it) I have 31 folks asking to be in the first lottery round, so I am going to close down entry for the first round drawing! I have decided that in the first round I will be drawing for 5 Savinelli "Dry System" pipes. Four...
  10. Jokes Forum
    My buddy called me the other day to tell me he hit the lottery. He drove home and asked his wife "Honey what would you do if I hit the lottery?" and she replied "I would take half of the money and divorce your azz!!" My buddy replied to his wife "GREAT I just hit for 12 is your 6 now...
  11. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Winner was Jaxon67 congrats again. please pm members of the lotto your shipping address and post your preferences! 1. RJPuffs 2. dj1340 3. MarkC 4. Commander Quan 5. commonsenseman 6. Pugsley 7. Z.Kramer 8. Jaxon67 WINNER!!! 9. cp478 10. zitro_joe 11. slyder 12. empty 13. empty
  12. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Everyone should have a pm with my address in it. As far as preferences go, i am pretty open. I still haven't tried most of what got sent last time!
  13. General Pipe Forum
    We need more participants in the monthly pipe lotto. Its a ton of fun. The more people who play the better the prize! here is the thread in the buy/sale/trade forum. the first post has all the rules but basically you sign up if you meet the requirements, get 3 numbers and if the powerball on...
  14. General Pipe Forum
    Hello all. We need to recruit more players for the pipe tobacco lottery. Check out the sticky thread in the pipe WTS/B/T forum. You have the chance to win a ton of loot each month! Its like Christmas year round!
  15. General Pipe Forum
    Check out Sticky: Pipe Tobacco Lottery, II in the WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff section. And then sign up! We need more participants. All you gotta do is win once and you'll have all kinds of new tobacco to smoke. Join!
  16. Jokes Forum
    Man rushes home, throws open the front door and yells "Honey, pack your bags, I've just won the lottery!" The wife runs into the room and says "Oh my god! How exciting! Where are we going?!?" Man says " Nowhere, get the f**k out. " :smoke: JB
1-16 of 100 Results