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  1. Cigar Bombs
    who's it gonna be.. the world will know soon.. i sure hope the USPS can handle this....
  2. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Anyone use one of the spring loaded Zippo leather cases (or pouches)? How exactly does it work? Are these rarer than the standard case, gimmick, or useful?
  3. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Well, my smaller cooler, I had no problems, it only fit like 4 boxes, but now it seems as I'll be playing tetris everytime I wanna grab some sticks. I was looking at those trays from cheap humidor, does anyone know how many sticks it will hold approximately? And is there enough room to at...
  4. Cigar Bombs
    My first bombing run gentlemen, wish me luck.
  5. Cigar Bombs
    Well, the 60 or 90 thread rubbed me the wrong way. The thing is, I've realized you can't trust anyone around here. We call each other BOTL's and then, at the drop of a hat, we turn around and throw our brothers under the bus. We have no problems with putting a fellow bro in harms way, a...
  6. Cigar Pictures
    I had a nice 50ct when I first joined here approx 1 month ago. I have since found the need to upgrade to larger one. I can't say I was not warned! I finished seasoning it this week and finally loaded it up. Now all I have to do is figure out what to smoke first. I want to thank all of the great...
  7. General Pipe Forum
    July 3-10 approx... A Suburban, Mrs. Moo, #2 step-daughter Moo, Mother Moo (96 years young), the walker, the back-up wheelchair, the luggage, DVD's, lots of books, a few talking books, a cooler full of refreshing drinks and I are heading North By Northwest to Mount Rushmore on Friday morning...
  8. Habanos Discussion
    Dvickery got me thinking when he replied to a post of mine about shops in Varadero. Last winter when at the big store there (on 63rd) they had 2 or 3 three gorgeous humidors that I thought were obscenely over-priced before I learned they were packed with as many as 100 sticks of premium...
  9. Cigar Accessory Questions
    Here's the top tray. I've got more in my humi at home I need to put in here for the long haul. Pretty good start thanks in part to Lew.
  10. Cigar Pictures
    Stopped at JRs on the way back from Baltimore this past weekend. Got a 50 box of Villager Export Maduros and a big thing of Carter Hall pipe tobacco all for about $41. Both of these are for winter smoking. If I get too cold and have to throw the cigar away or dump my pipe I won't be crying as...
  11. Cigar Bombs
    Here we go! I have my first two bomb assembled and ready to go! I think it is a good one!! Oliva Serie G CAO Italia Perdomo Ltd Edition 2008 Corona House Cigar 2 Nub Cammmys Nub Conny Torpedo Padron 1963 What do you think?
  12. Cigar Bombs
    If you are a fan of a rival SEC school, look out...One of you will be getting a Big Bama Bomb very soon...who could it be??? this is gonna be fun... Reg
  13. Cigar Bombs
    Well with all these bombs flying around right and left I figured it was time for me to launch my first mass bombing! You can run, but you can't hide!
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    well here is my first humidor.. its a 150 and was $91 from its real solid has a nice seal.. its loaded with mostly rockey patel's but has a few other things too...
  15. Cigar Pictures
    Well stocked for a weekend of traveling around the great state of TEXAS.
  16. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I just finished up the shelves and dividers, and loaded em up, here are the pics shelf by shelf. SHELF 1 SHELF 2 SHELF 3 SHELF 4
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    Well I followed all of the instructions from Bob and now to follow the instructions of some who wanted to see it with the goods.:w Going to be interesting to see how much tweaking it will take to get it comfortable with it's new tenants.
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    The new cabinet is finally loaded! The Cigar Oasis II ordered from Cheap Humidors is still on back order. However, the cabinet is doing fine maintaining humidity. During winter with the heat on the house runs around 40% humidity. I seasoned the humi with bowls of DI water. That seemed to work...
  19. General Cigar Discussion
    Ok you sorry Bastages! I'm back and fully loaded. Alot of you have made my target list and it's time to start the bombing run. Remember what I always say....Revenge is sweet...But Payback is a MOFO. :r :r BWWWWAAAHHHHHHH :r Click to Enlarge.
  20. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Okay bro, just got finished with this in the nice, cool weather here in Houston. Gonna type out my "notes" that I jotted down verbatim then offer up an "overall" section. Mystery Cigar Number 1 From Rploaded Pre light- tingle on lips, nice poo smell/taste- easy draw and clipped just fine lit...
1-20 of 26 Results