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  1. Cigar Pictures
    Having been on the site awhile I thought a very deserving BOTL was due a nice little smackin around. So i packed up my little shipment and aimed at Harvey. Well he used this little NY vs SC thing to get me back and HOLY SH!T did he! Thank you brother as this is a very humbling hit! I had...
  2. Smoking Action
    Me and the EVP (Pete) met up at a Jimmy Buffett concert at Jones Beach NY- The concert itself was great BUT the best part is the Pre-concert Tailgate party--Acres and acres of wild ,drinking guys and gals going Tropical Here are a few pix- 1-Me and Pete--ashton for me La Riqueza for Pete...
  3. Cigar Pictures
    I've been training my Ash off for the last month or so.. Long, long story.. Anyways, I haven't been able to get to the mail.. I have my peeps picking it up and lo and behold.. One of dem gets tossed up!! Its never safe in L.A. Hey LkyLindy, you made my month! Gotta get my mouth checked because...
  4. General Discussion
    Happy Birthday! Hope it is a good one!
  5. Cigar Pictures
    My Trade agreement was I was gonna trade his 65% Beads for my 70% Beads But Blowing up my Mailbox across the street and hitting my neighbors house with ruble was not included . All i can say is dam he send me some smokes that were unbelievable all i can say is thanks alot for the great smokes...
  6. Cigar Pictures
    So the wife and I get home from running some errands saturday morning and she sees a box on the front porch. She asks if I am expecting anything, I was expecting a straight razor I purchased last week but this box was too big for a razor. So she proceeds to open it and jus as I yell...
  7. Cigar Pictures
    First of all Harvey (LkyLindy) Thank you very much (again) for sending me this fine birthday gift--I tried one of these a few weeks back that CeeDee gave me at a herf in N.C. & I really enjoyed them. The Olive V is also a very tasty smoke and will enjoy torching it in the near future.
  8. Cigar Bombs
    while herfin last night harvey drop this grenade on me. Wow thank you for the great smokes and you are a true BOTL 1 RJ isom 1 Ashton VSG 1 RP OWR 1 5 vagas ! 601 Blue that didn't make it through the night
  9. Cigar Bombs
    Harvey hit me good and also helped my wife! Details
  10. Cigar Pictures
    My wife opened a supicious package today and the heat from the blast cleaned her sinuses right out. She says thanks Harvey! I say thank you very much for the awesome sticks! You dropped one hell of a bomb on me! It came out of nowhere.
  11. Cigar Pictures
    First off, sorry about the picture quality, I had to rely on a crappy webcam because none of my roommates and I have a digital camera at the moment, and my hands are pretty unsteady at the moment, but anyways, here's some pictures of the massive contest winnings I got from LkyLindy's baby grand...
  12. Cigar Pictures
    So I got lucky and guessed the baby's weight in LKyLindy's most recent contest. Here is what I got for the winnings, a great assortment of smokes, some that I have not had before. Thanks Harvey.
  13. Cigar Bombs
    Just the mere mention of an assault on New York by The Rock put fear into the minds of the Yanks. Harvey got on the top rope and landed a big hurting on the People's Champ. It'll take a while to shake off the cobwebs, but I'll get back up and lay the smacketh down in due time.
  14. Cigar Pictures
    So me and Harvey met up at Stogie and Tales today to trade some of my OWR maduro's for his coroho's well needles to say a couple of stragelers made it into the mix as can be seen in the first pic. The second and third pic is what I picked up today. In the third pic all that was left was the band...
  15. Cigar Pictures
    wow. dont know what to say, really. my cat took most of the damage, now she has to walk around with her 2 back legs in wheel barrow :) but shell get better. thanks for the hit. i can say honestly i have never smoked either of the 5 sticks that i got. thanks again LkyLindy. :mumbles: just give...
  16. Cigar Pictures
    Amazing smokes...i cant wait to smoke them...thanks so much
1-16 of 16 Results