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  1. Site Help and Suggestions
    I've noticed the links on the emails that are sent to me no longer work is this a problem on my end ? i use Yahoo mail for the forum.
  2. Habanos Discussion
    Folks Since we have many new members, I want to post up a couple useful links. Perhaps we can build this up useful links and put a sticky on it ??? Feel free to add.... Cuban Cigar Reviews Cuban...
  3. Cigar Pictures
    So my girlfriend was creative and had custom cuff links made that had a picture of a CAO band !
  4. Books
    Everyone knows about, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble, but I wanted to dig deeper. With so many libraries lending ebooks now, the cost of ereaders dropping dramatically, and the numbers of ebooks now outselling harcovers upon initial release, it's pretty obvious that this is the way we'll...
  5. Retailer/For Profit Sales Forum
    Here are a couple kickass links that help you see past Jam items as well as a tracker you can check to see how much is left, how long it's been up, what is up at the moment, etc. Joe's Jam Tracker: 40% - 5 Vegas Limitada 09 Belicoso - $29.99 - Joe's Jam Past Items:
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    I guess Stogie is playing with the templates again. It would be nice to have them back. It just feels so empty to the right of the puffer fish :p
  7. General Discussion
    I had the troop thread as a signature forever, I now want to change it to the troop raffle thread. I tried every frickin thing I could and is there a way to make the link say troop raffle? This is the one, anyone please...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    I think you guys will like these. How to Light a Cigar with Aria Giovanni and Aria Giovanni Cigar Cutting
  9. Site Help and Suggestions
    Can we please have someone check the links prior to posting them. Its very frustrating to open a thread with and intresting title only to find its just a link - insult to injury the link doesn't work. Seems these links are becoming the norm lets atleast make them work. Thanks for listening to...
  10. Cigar Questions
    The Beginners Guide to Cigar Smoking By radar(03-12-2005) Internet Cigar Group FAQ's Cigar Smoker's FAQ Holy Smoke Beginners Advice Holysmoke! -- Beginner's Advice #1 Beginners Corner at Duke City Cigars
  11. General Pipe Forum
    I've been smoking the pipe for almost a year now, and have absolutely loved it. Along the way, I've tried to help others get into the pipe, to help them get as much joy from it as I have. In a lot of these threads of new pipe smokers asking for help, I usually post a lot of links to get them...
  12. Site Help and Suggestions
    I see some people post a link and they have used a title for the link instead of the long actual link. How do you do this? Example: View my link instead of
  13. Everywhere Else
    Rocky Patel Altadis A. Fuente Ashton comacho CAO Carlos Torano El Rey De Los Habanos Gurkha Miami Cigar company Perdomo
  14. General Pipe Forum
    Briar Patch: Cup o' Joes: Frechy's Pipes: Meerschaum Store: Missouri Meerschaum: Outwest Tobacco: Payless Pipes: Pipes and...
  15. General Discussion
    Post some.....
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    school is over (finally) and now, heading to the links for the next 4 months until school starts again. so I ask you my fellow BOTLS and SOTLS, whats your favorite smoke for on the links?
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    Hi Everyone, Remember back when I did my Dogwatch Radio interview and I stated that I thought that some people are genetically pre-disposed to getting Lung Cancer? Well, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that. Check out this article that came out today...
  18. General Discussion
    I want to be one of those clever people who posts a link by having something like... clicky (that's how it looks... but it operates as a link) ...whereas I can only do it with the actual link, like this: (p.s. I made that link...
  19. Sports Forum
    To those who haven't seen the fight, here's the link. ....more will be posted by the author.
1-19 of 47 Results