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  1. General Pipe Forum
    Not here. Not once, I'll bet. A blog I recently stumbled across had a semi-buried comment from poor old "chip." I doubt chip is here but, if so, please feel free to chime in and set me straight if I'm off base. Poor chip said pipe smoking smells good but the next day, just like cigars, it...
  2. Cigar Questions
    My friend told me that I should lick the foot of the cigar before lighting so that I can get a more even burn. I don't know how logical that is but is there any truth to this? Thanks Brad
  3. Jokes Forum
    Dog licking it's balls in a pub, I'd had a few drinks and to make conversation said to the owner "I wish I could do that!"..the owner said "Buy it a packet of crisps and it'll let you"
1-3 of 3 Results