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  1. Jokes Forum
    Three legged dog walks into a bar and says...."I'm lookin for the man that shot my pa"
  2. Jokes Forum
    A man was driving down the road doing about 35 or so when he looked over and noticed a chicken was running along side him! He couldnt believe it so He sped up to 40 and STILL the chicken is running along side his truck. He notices the chicken has 3 legs and is baffeled. Not a minute later...
  3. General Discussion
    My little guy did great. Nearly two hours of surgery, lots of plates and screws later, a loan to pay back in 48 months, but little man will see to jump another day. The best case scenario resulted when they opened his leg. They were afraid they would not be able to use plates due to how close...
1-3 of 3 Results