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  1. Sports Forum
    Heh guys...this is just for fun so no money involved. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE EACH WEEK 16 teams max the ID# is 842276 and the Password is vick123.
  2. Sports Forum
    I created a new CBS Sportsline Gold (with $ payout) league. $40 buy in with $200 to the winner. Obviously, this is for serious players. If we have enough interest we make it a dynasty league for next year. Live draft is evening of Monday the 29th. Hit me up if you want in.
  3. Sports Forum
    Week one of the EPL begins tomorrow! I know there are a few of you around who also enjoy football... Here is this week's schedule (and what channel they're on in the US): Saturday 08/13 Blackburn v Wolverhampton Fulham v Aston Villa (Live on ESPN2) Liverpool v Sunderland (Live on Fox Soccer)...
  4. Sports Forum
    Ive been away on vacation so when I got back I set up a fantasy football league on espn if anyone wants to join.. pm for password inorder to join 1.k-morelli 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  5. Sports Forum
    Ok guys. I know there isn't a definate start to the season in sight, but I figured might as well start getting ready just in case. Last years Fantasy Football League was a fun time, and I don't think anyone really had a terriblle team. Just some bad luck and underperfomers. So this year the...
  6. Cigar Contests
    Havana John does a great weekly contest for the racing season. Wondering if anybody would have any interest in a Fantasy Nascar League similar to football. Maybe a 3 to 5 stick buy in for the season. Post here if there is any interest.
  7. Gamers Forum
    I don't think many of you guys would be interested, but if anyone here plays LoL, get on in here!
  8. Sports Forum
    alright i see 2 have been tried and both failed.. so 3rd times a charm right? looking to get 12 people in.. have 3 so far on another board including myself. winner each week gets a 5er from one of the members designated for each week. if the person who has to send the 5er that week is in fact...
  9. Sports Forum
    Well, it doesn't look like Nickerson's league is happening so I am going to throw this out there. I created a Yahoo league (info below). If anyone wants to join, I'll bet a fiver that finish higher in the final standings than you. In order to get 10 people, I am going to throw this league...
  10. Eastern
    An event I thought I'd share to New England natives. $150.00 ticket fee will keep me out though.
  11. Sports Forum
    Puff Fantasy Football Updated: Looks like we wont be able to get enough participants to fill the league minimum of 10 people. At the rate the other league filled up and people who said they wanted in on it, I assumed this league would have filled up faster. Maybe we will have to plan it...
  12. Sports Forum
    Who you got? If Ribery was in I'd be 50/50, but I think Milan has the edge. I think Bayern can hang tight if Sneider can cut in early, and early crosses can expose some gaps in Inter's deep defense. Schweinsteiger is a player that rises to the occasion and could help lift Munich to the upset...
  13. Cigar Bombs
    Seems like cigar loco was so happy with his new favorite smokes, he decided to send me some! 44 Dogrockets! Are you serious?!?!??!!! hahaaaa..... well played Kym! Here is the NSFW part, now I'm not too sure about this one, but I got whats happening in the pic........ F'd........ F'd over...
  14. Cigar Bombs
    Kym aka Cigar Loco sends one out for the Justice League. 44 cigars.. Like he says "If you run with the dog pack, your gonna get some dog rockets poked at ya".. I'm sure this rivalry is far from over :)
  15. Sports Forum
    Hello gentlemen.. With the MLB season kicking off next month I thought I would gauge the interest in a Puff fantasy baseball league.. I would set it up on ESPN as a 10 team NL and AL league so I would need at least 9 other guys. If interest was large we could set up more leagues to fit in...
  16. Sports Forum
    I just joined a Monday night golf League for Cigar smokers at the highlands in forest Park. Anybody else
  17. General Pipe Forum
    Any Southern CA pipe smokers here part of this group? They're having a meeting at the Tobacco Barn in Lake Forest on the 13th of Dec. and I was thinking of checking it out. Wondering if anyone here had been to one of these meetings before and what it was like.
  18. Cigar Contests
    Hockey season is almost finally upon us!!! After a heartbreaking lose to the Canes last year in the first round it took me longer then usual to get back in the hockey mode. Now, I attempted this league last year and it was shut down which was somewhat my mistake. This year we are only going to...
  19. Cigar Contests
    Nismo's draft went off tonight. Is there any interest in a second league? We could set the draft for next Sunday. Similar prize rules in effect. Anyone wanna play?
  20. Cigar Contests
    Anyone interested in participating in a Fantasy Football League with fellow BOTLs/SOTLs this is your official sign up thread. If you are interested please PM me (Nismo#12) with the following tidbits. I will log all participants in a spreadsheet with the requested information. 1) First Name...
1-20 of 108 Results