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  1. WTS/B/T Coffee Stuff
    I'd like one of these but don't really want to pay the price on Amazon. Anyone have one they'd be willing to part with for a better price?
  2. Coffee Discussion
    Does anyone have this grind and brew? It is too new to find a bunch of reviews on the net about it. I am admittadly lazy, so if all I have to do is set a time that is fine with me. It has a conical burr which is a must. The only reservation I see is a small hopper for the beans. I only...
  3. Coffee Discussion
    I've settled on the Krups GVX1 grinder. Seems to get pretty good reviews on Anyone have experience with this brand/model? I should be able to get it for $50.
  4. Coffee Discussion
    this has gotten good reviews on several coffee sites at the stupid expensive price. At $60 I am tempted to buy one, but my wife would really have a fit seeing as I already have 2 "backup" machines...
1-4 of 4 Results