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  1. Sports Forum
    While watching Nick's "Drake and Josh's Merry Christmas" I was floored by the casting of said fighter as a prisoner in the jails, but really blown away when he appeared in a Santa outfit and passed out gifts.. Sellout? pandering to a younger crowd? or DA casting promo?:confused: any thoughts?:tu
  2. Sports Forum
    I watched the Elite bullsh#t fighting tonight to see Kimbo go against Shamrock and saw Kimbo get his ass handed to him by a stand-in in 14 seconds. What a waste of time.:brick:
  3. Sports Forum
    IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! Cut above the eye has DQ'd Shamrock. Kimbo will be fighting some other slob now.
  4. Sports Forum
    This is going to be a pretty good fight...I hope anyways. Doesn't look like it's going to be on TV though. bummer.
1-4 of 4 Results