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  1. Cigar Bombs
    That would be me...... So earlier today I was in a big hurry to get home because my drawers were supposedly getting shipped to me today for my wineador. I was rolling up to the house all excited when saw there was a large box on my door step. After parking the truck I ran into the house to...
  2. General Discussion
    Given the piles of intel they recovered, wouldnt it have made more sense to keep it secret and take out those linked via the intel?
  3. General Discussion
    Posting here because most citizens would care.
  4. Cigar Bombs
    I'm packing my things for work this morning, waiting for USPS to show up - I had a package that was supposed to arrive today. I'm getting antsy, because It's reaching that point where I need to leave for work or else I'll be late. I run upstairs to grab a few things, and while I'm up there, I...
  5. Cigar Bombs
    How about for our next Zilla Kill we do something a little different. I have an idea for an outstanding target, but instead of all sending a bunch of sticks, how about we make this one more meaningful to the recipient....everyone kick in $10 and we will buy a box of something really nice to...
  6. Cigar Bombs
    Is everyone ready to launch tomorrow? It appears that 22 TED's should be hitting the skies tomorrow. Use this image if you would like...on your note inside the TED.
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    Within two days ive spent $73.00 buying cigars online, these deals were just to good to pass up, dont think she will understand though LOl. I bought a 5pack of Arturo Fuente Hemingway classic's & a 10 pack of Padilla Miami Robusto all for 73.00. Someone please tell me this was worth the money &...
  8. General Discussion
    Just wondering what folks do to kill the boredom? Its 12:15am here just a tad after midnight, im watching Hot Fuzz on the TV which is a comedy film about a British Police Officer in a small rural town. Rather amusing actually. However im bored out of my swede, so ive fired up a Romeo y Julieta...
  9. General Cigar Discussion
    So with dropping temps my gf in her ultimate wisdom decided to open all the windows in the house to air it out, not a problem except its been raining the last week. The room where I keep my humis has 2 huge 4' windows that are blowing damp air over them. I opened the small 50ct and rh is 82%...
  10. Cigar Bombs
    Hi, My name is Pat, and I'm a bombaholic:flame: 9405 5036 9930 0300 5303 50:loco:
  11. Cigar Bombs
    We've all been watching this for a week. Like slow motion before the trigger's pulled. Well, look out brothers, this could be you. I'm a BOTL down, tryin' to get back on my feet after what everyone's been doing...
  12. Cigar Bombs
    Completely unsuspecting, I was, when I opened the mailbox... (I thought this was the package being re-routed back to me from the NST) Here I am busting criminals all day long and I come home to find joker cards all over my door step. A wiser man than I once said "You see, madness, as you know...
  13. Jokes Forum
    This is on CraigsXist! :nod: Who would kill my drummer for $100? Do not fear any negative consequences for this act. Any self respecting law enforcement agency would gladly turn the other cheek once they hear this guy "play". I am tired of hearing his 70's style fills put in the wrong spot...
  14. General Pipe Forum
    Among other things (a couple samples of some G&H ropes, & a box of FVF) I picked up a new pipe today, should be here Friday or Saturday. Haven't decided what to dedicate it to yet, we'll see how it smokes first.
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    So I started pipe smoking and I really love it, probably more than Cigars. But that isn't the part that you're suppose to hate me for. So last night I felt like I really needed to smoke a cigar but I realized I ran out. So I was running around the house trying to find a hidden stash or something...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    So the Devil got me hooked a few months ago and the UPS man now expects to stop by on certain days .... with several box purchases under my belt, I decided to make one more go before swearing to not even look at the site again for a long time. So far I've lasted 6 days... Here's the score...
  17. General Discussion
    A local cigar shop owner has been arrested by Phoenix police and accused of trying to hire a hitman to assassinate his wife, plus her parents and 17-year-old sister. Phoenix - Valley Fever - Cigar Shop Owner Accused of Contracting to Have Wife and Her Family Killed
  18. Cigar Bombs
    So I was joking with Cigary about this a little while ago, but after reading through a few threads lately, I think i'll actually post it up. This is mostly a joke, but if you really want me to, I really will for you. I think it would be a lot of fun! Plus I would hate to see a good BOTL get...
  19. General Cigar Discussion
    Im a pipe smoker, but I feel like a good mild to medium cigar. I need to know the best one to get and and best place to get it that's say, within ten miles of the convention center. Any help would be great, thanks
  20. Cigar Bombs
    decisions, decisions. To fry or not to fry?
1-20 of 69 Results