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  1. Illinois
    I was able to stop into Kenny's tonight for the Rocky event and Gene Arganese was there, too. Great event! Bought 30 RP Edge maduro toros for the price of 20 and got a few decent freebies thrown in, too :biggrin: I wish I had other member's numbers to try and hook-up for a smoke tonight.
  2. Cigar Bombs
    So Nick was sending me a CD from Cycleman to see if I can process the video and he deviously decides to turn it into a coup attempt by bombing the boss. Judging by the contents of this bomb, I would say this could be declared as a blatant attempt to suck up to the boss. LOL! :wink: Thanks...
  3. Illinois
    Oliva Event at Kenny the King.
  4. Illinois
    CAO Event at Kenny the King.
  5. Illinois
    From 3-8pm Rocky Patel Mini Event at Kenny the King.
  6. Illinois
    Kenny the King Tobacco 28975 W Il Route 120 Lakemoor, IL 60051 (815) 363-9393‎ Article in the local paper about his business and the Illinois smoking ban:
  7. Illinois
    ACID QUICK EVENT IN Honor of our NEW Regional Manager, FABIEN Ziegler A Quick event is to be held with...
  8. Illinois
    A couple of us are hitting up Kenny the King on Saturday...look forward to seeing anyone there...I bring gifts from Altadis...
  9. Illinois
    Buy 3 Get 1 Free Buy Box 10% Off + 7 Cigar Free or Sampler Free Buy 2 Box 20% Off Each Box +14 Cigar Free Ask About Box Price Before u Buy From Any where Else Start 2 pm till u Stay Add: Kenny The King Tobacco 28975 West Ill Rt 120 Lakemoor IL 60051 Ph: 815 363 9393 Email [email protected]
  10. Illinois
    Come and sample an Arganese Cigar at Kenny the King Tobacco, 28975 W. Illinois Rt 120 Lakemore , IL 60051. From 2pm- 7pm.
  11. Illinois
    Birthday Party for Paresha! Wishing you... can make the 601 event and celebrate a birthday. The Deals: 1st Purchase (Manditory) = Buy 3, Get 2 FREE Buy 3, Get 1 FREE Buy a BOX, Get 5 FREE plus a 20 count HUMIDOR Location/Time: Kenny the King Tobacco Friday, April 11 2pm - 8pm THE CAKE...
  12. Cigar Bombs
    He said he was going to get 3 Gorillas, and I don't know about the other two, but he accomplished his mission here in NC. The TX bastage layed me out with these today..... Peace offering huh? We'll see. If nothing else I need to get ya some different stationary. :ss:r Thanks for the...
  13. Cigar Bombs
    So I'm at home minding my own business playing some online poker smoking a Flor de Olvia this afternoon when I hear this loud explosion out by the mailbox. That could only mean one thing...someone has just declared war. I go out to investigate the damage and see that Kenny, whom I thought had...
  14. Illinois
    I'm gonna try and make it down there around 1:30ish. Those plans aren't in stone, but it's a thought right now.
1-19 of 47 Results