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  1. Mississippi
    If you remember the "Old Habana Smoke Shoppe" (Note the Spelling) then you remember the people who made it great. With the closing of the Habana Smoke Shoppe, Gary and the old guard established their own cigar store, dealing exclusively in cigars, and related accessories. In July of 2010, The...
  2. South Carolina
    Hey all, I'll be traveling to Ft. Jackson next month for some training and what better way to spend some off time than enjoying the local cigar lounges. Does anyone have any suggestions of some nice cigar lounges in the area. Indoor smoking would be great seeing as it might be a little cold...
  3. General Discussion
    Alright, fess up, who of my Angeleno BOTL/SOTL's are goin'? (this message sent using a mobile device outside of the Staples center) :rofl: :rofl:
  4. General Discussion
    This is one of my favorite songs and video's. It gives me chills watching this again and makes me sad that he is gone. He may have had a ton of issue's but when this dude was hot he was HOT! R.I.P. Micheal!!!! YouTube - Michael Jackson - Thriller
  5. General Discussion
    Sad day in pop culture. :rip:
  6. Everywhere Else
    Anybody going to be at Corona's Oliva event this Friday, December 5th? I'm riding down with a couple of guys who I go to school with. 4-8pm Address: 305 NW Avenue Jackson, MI 49201 Be there!
  7. Jokes Forum
    {SICK HUMOR} Q: What did the Mother of a family at the beach say to Michael Jackson? A: "Hey, get out of my son!" {/SICK HUMOR}
  8. Entertainment
    The real question is what vitola Montecristo is he smoking? Sometimes I get to feeling low Wish I could just pick up and go somewhere new Change my point of view Maybe somewhere I don't know Toss the idea to and fro Not sure what makes it come and go There it is again sweet music on the...
  9. Sports Forum
    Anyone else watch MNF last night? Jackson is definitely a candidate for bonehead play of the year! Take a look: Note to self - remember to cross the goal line before celebrating and getting rid of the ball. :D I know there are a lot of McNabb fantasy owners out there who are PISSED OFF...
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    anyone around the Jackson Ms. area besides me? I enjoy kicking back and sitting in the gazebo with my wife and lighting up. However its always nice to get with the guys and enjoy a smoke every now and then. I usually just hit my local B&M Habana Smoke Shop and sit around there.
  11. Michigan
    Friday 08/29/2008 4PM - 8PM Corona Smoke Shop 305 N. West St Jackson MI 49201 517-782-1772 Tabacalera Perdomo's family of premium brands have garnered high praise among cigar aficionados worldwide and now you have an opportunity to taste our new cigar offerings. Meet Perdomo representative...
  12. Sports Forum
    Damn... Some pictures...
  13. General Discussion
    PAINTED ON MADURO FROM SIGLO II? sorry for the red-eye
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    Last night at the Houston Herf, I was talking with sysrock (Bo) about an article I read in the Winter 2007 Cigar Magazine... Many folks over here in the States don't know him, but he's a musician and composer who over the last few years has started speaking out about cigar legislation in...
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    This is the best essay I have ever read on the lies and hysteria surrounding the anti-smoking crusade....enjoy....
  16. Jokes Forum
    Put down the coffee, make sure that the chair isn't wobbly. :r:r :chk:chk :r:r I can see him performing in front of the Queen, can't you?
  17. Entertainment
    Has anybody out there been watching the 2008 Barrett Jackson auto auction. I can't afford the cars but I still love to watch the auction.
  18. General Discussion
    All 8 lbs 14 oz ...and 22 inches of him :tu arrived yesterday via c-section at 5's his first pic. ...he's NOT happy to be out.
  19. Mississippi
    Habana Smoke Shoppe 4760 I-55 North Frontage Road, Suite A 601-713-0010 Nice place to sit down and have a cigar if you're in the area.
  20. General Discussion
    i have a great idear for a new song and a cigar for michle jackson both are called the smooth pedifile anyone got any good lyrics to go with the song its baced on smooth criminal
1-20 of 34 Results