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  1. General Discussion
    This is a call out to all the apes, does anyone know of a wholesaler for apple ipods? Real ones not the Chinese knock-offs (I got 15 of them now, thanks but no thanks) I can not seem to find any info on how to become a distributor or even finding a distributor to buy from. I would have no...
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    i recently figured out how to put all the latest podcasts through i tunes. i work mostly night shifts right now, i can think of a better way to kill time. anyone else use itunes?
  3. General Discussion
    First they ban smoking in our own homes and cars, then they tell us it is illegal to serve transfats, then they ban light bulbs. Now the govt wants to tell us when we are allowed to listen to our iPods: Didn't realize this was already posted. Go here to read about this...
  4. Entertainment
    Dear Sir/Ma Anybody want some free phones???? Please feel free to contact me and my special friend at www.WhereTheF*** I would really enjoy if you would visit me and help me find my pants... as well as my dignity. Thank you!
  5. Entertainment
    at LINK... you can get apple ipods.
  6. General Discussion
    Just curious - why does everyone seem to be wearing Ipods at poker tournaments?
  7. General Discussion
    Just got mine. I am lovin it. I have a nano and so do my kids. This thing is great. I loaded it with about 100 songs thats around five hours of listening. I think its great. Who has one ? Is it full to capacity and what kind is it ? Oh yes lets not forget. I can listen to Dale on Podcast...
1-7 of 7 Results