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  1. Sports Forum
    Watched this movie with my family last night. Was an awesome movie. Igles fans are loyal fans as shown in this movie. If you are a football fan you have to see this flick!
  2. Entertainment
    Fuggin' great flick!
  3. Entertainment
    Ah, the Philadelphia many memorable players, McNabb, Terrel Owens...Vince Papale? Yes, I had never heard of him before but I do remember the Disney original complete with trash-man, Mr. Tony Danza winning the invitational. This re-do (if you can call it that) was a very well done...
  4. Sports Forum
    I went and saw the movie Invincible the other day and loved it. This is a true story that is Rocky, The Rookie, and Rudy all rolled into one. Invincible is the real life story of Vince Papale. He is a 30-year-old Eagles fan. He's down on his luck (to say the least). He got laid off from his...
1-4 of 4 Results