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    "You must spread some reputation around before giving it to IHT again." :tu
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    I re-hydrated that dried out tin of Escudo from the 70's. I fired up a bowl today not expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised! Send me your addy. I would like your opinion on this. Now you have to understand that this was completely dry, and who knows how long it was dried for. All I know...
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    Met your favorite pipe retailer in person................ The famous Judd Perlson! The guy is a have to call either mr.c or myself for the scoop.
  4. Cigar Bombs
    Merry Christmas, IHT :pp Mrs. Linder and I just got back :z from the post office with only minor difficulties to report. Well.. our local cigar shop recently received some little boxes of matches with red and green trees on them that said, "Happy Holidays." I thought they were a nice...
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    I finally thought I'd drop in and say an official "hello" & "thank you" to everybody that hangs and contributes in the Pipe Forum. I joined CS a few years ago because of my love for cigars. I soon found these boards and the fellow members to be a great source of information and camaraderie. I...
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    You going to be home Friday or Saturday? Just curious.................
  7. General Discussion
    Congrads Greg on the new RG mark. Much respect to you for what you do around here:tu Even tho I know you dont like this but this dance is for you:chk:chk:chk:chk:D Take Care.:tu
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    another guy has gregs mug for an avator at smokers forum. complete with a snarl :r
  9. General Pipe Forum
    ...but not me!!! Someone has some 'splainin' to do regarding the tin of '06 Xmas Cheer I found on my front porch tonight. It also has a phone number on the label but shipped from some non-pipe place. I know people, people that "never worked for" the NSA and CIA. I am owed favors...there is no...
  10. General Discussion
    Greg your a great BOTL and even better MOD, where glad to have you here teaching us here on CS. Thxs again for the new experience and pushing me further down the slope:tu Congrads on the 3300 RG's:bl:bl:pp:pp
  11. General Discussion The first female pharaoh has been found? Could be a big scoop, eh?
  12. General Discussion
    Everyone's favorite resident pipe FOG in denial blinked his way past 3000RG! Congrats Greg, though it should be triple given all you've done at CS over the years :tu
  13. General Pipe Forum
    Well this week has been an unbelievable one. First Greg (IHT) smacks my with a Tsuge bent brandy and some GH Dark Flake. WOW!!!! Then the mail comes today....KNOCK.....KNOCK....KNOCK..... BOOOOOOOMM!!!!!! Joe (VS) nails me with 7 tins. Rattrays Marlin, Old Gowrie, Hal O the Wynd, 3...
  14. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Do you think it would be possible to set up a F/S and trade room specifically for pipes/tobaccos? I rarely go to the main trading forums and since this is such a nice, tight community that we have here I wonder if we could have our own forum for sales. What do you think?
  15. General Pipe Forum
    er or a package. got this the other day , camera dead, charged now crappy pic though . You would think that being in the millitary a person could follow directions. put mo in envelope, put stamp on envelope, address it , put in mailbox. Some people have to do things the hard way. Thanks...
  16. General Pipe Forum
    Rules: A. 1 guess per day (24 hour period between guesses - don't guess at 11:59pm and again at 12:02am) B. You must be an active member of the pipe forum to participate. If you aren't (ARE NOT) an active member of the pipe forum and make a guess, your answers will be deleted. If you don't...
  17. General Discussion
    But his avatar looks like it was:D Thanks for all you bring to the jungle Greg,and you can use me for a test dummy anytime...
  18. Iht

    General Pipe Forum
    Do you think you can move this forum higher up? At least before the other forums that have nothing to do with tobacco. Whad'ya think?
  19. General Discussion
    At 1500 RG, Greg's stock is one of the biggest bargains on the board. For the great things you have done (XXX comes to mind), the insight you bring and the efforts toward keeping the Jungle the best site on the Web, I think 3500 would be more appropriate! Congrats Greg, overdue, undervalued...
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    Congrats to the guy who puts the word ASS in MODERATOR!!:r If we all knew exactly how much time and effort and heart you put into CS; you would never have such a hard time dealing with us little folk Greg!! Well ... maybe!? You bring so much to CS not just as a Mod, but as a person. Glad...