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  1. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I am looking to purchase a Newair 28 bottle wine cooler and want to know do I have to plug the condensation drain hole and install fans for the cooler to work properly as a wineador? Reason I ask is ultimately I probably will do those things right away and as of right now I have a small 8...
  2. Cigar Bombs
    My cat doesn't like my new found cigar hobby and has so graciously decided to help out with this bomb. Package in tomorrow's mail, and he's ready to detonate the goods. DC: 9405 5036 9930 0146 0379 4X
  3. Cigar Bombs
    The USPS truck came and drove thru my living room and dropped off a package full of some amazing goodies...none of which I expected and when I removed my address I thought I was really outsmarting all of you people. Looks like I'm not outsmarting anyone as you guys tend to keep finding where I...
  4. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    So I am still battling with the idea of an ETC. My wine cooler goes to 65 degrees, but I would rather it go to 70/78 so it doesnt turn on as much to mess with the humidity. I really wanted to be able to snake the ETC cord through the condensation holes and then seal the holes off. But the way...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    I pulled out one of my sticks last night and saw a small circular hole in the wrapper, the hole didn't penetrate into the cigar it was only on the surface. I went into panic mode and quickly threw all my cigars into a ziplock bag and stuck it into the refrigerator overnight and put them in the...
  6. General Pipe Forum
    i have had this experience with alot of pipes i have recently purchased. i have an ardor which i am breaking in and the damn draught hole looked horrible after the second smoke. then with a little but careful use of that bit on a senior reamer it made it beautiful again. have any of you guys had...
  7. General Cigar Discussion
    This cigar is an Ashton VSG and I got in from I really can't tell if it's a beetle or not. by the way no poop is coming out of the bottom of the cigar. I'd appreciate your opinions.
  8. Cigar Bombs
    Had to go to the post office today to mail a couple pif and maw and decided to send a hand grenade to a much deserving member....... The pin is pulled when will it go off......
  9. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I found this forum 3 days ago while researching humidor's. I joined yesterday and as of today I have already ordered a new humidor from Ed at Waxing Moon, some beads and supplies from Heartfelt, and some Rocky Patels. I am already in the hole big time. This is a great forum and I found more...
  10. Cigar Bombs
    Just wanted to give fair warning to the fellow BOTL! There is a another newb on these boards with access to your mailboxes via my partner in crime the USPS! I have been watching and hoarding ammunition these past few months and whatever I haven't smoked could soon be at your doorstep. I just...
  11. Cigar Bombs
    9405 5036 9930 0242 1448 51
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    I got this cigar in a bomb, and I'm a little worried that it might have beetles. Any help on this?
  13. Jokes Forum
    Golfer fineshes playing a round at a course he'd never played before. He's feeling a little hungry, so he decides to head into the grill. Sign on the wall says: COLD BEER: $2.00 HAMBURGER: $2.25 CHEESEBURGER: $2.50 CHICKEN SANDWICH : $3.50 HAND JOB: $50.00 He calls the pretty young thing...
  14. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This cigar had been aging at least five years in my third string humidor which is not the most consistent device over five years. However this was ... Read the full review here: Don Tomas Spec. Edition Corojo 554 Cigar Review - 5 Years in the Hole
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    I know the pic is a little blurry but my camera is kinda jacked up. The hole in question is very small and didn't look deep. Coolerdor has gotten warm this month highest was 80 one day, humidity 65 solid. Kinda worried! Going to inspect rest of the sticks. Thanks for any input. Oh yeah...
  16. General Pipe Forum
    So I have like $150 worth of GC's to a bookstore. What books do people recommend a noob getting to enhance his appreciation for pipe smoking. I definitley want to restore some estate pipes as well.
  17. Jokes Forum
    Bride and groom are getting ready to consummate their marriage when the bride says "i have a confession to make, i'm not a virgin." The groom says "that's no problem at this time and age" The bride replies " only with one man." "Who is the man?" asks the groom. " Tiger Woods" says the bride...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    I just received the 2008 #5 catalog from JR. I was looking at it over dinner tonight and almost spit out my food when I found a beetle hole in the catalog. If you have it, check out page 21. Looks like a beetle hole to me. Not knocking them or anything, but I found it funny. If I remember...
  19. General Discussion
    I like to play golf, not sure why cause I am terrible at it..but this story made me smile!!! :tu
  20. Cigar Pictures
    this is heading out tommrow :) someeewhhheerrreeee........
1-20 of 51 Results