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  1. Kansas
    Anybody now, c'mon and speak up. Let me know if you're from the area or will be passing through. :usa: Thom
  2. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hi, New here and wondering where I can score some nice Cub... (kidding, I read the rules) Anyway, I used to smoke around 20 -30 years ago, then made the mistake of trying cigarettes. Dangerous l'il bastards. Gave up smoking for a long time, and now finding I can smoke Cigars responsibly...
  3. Texas Our warehouse is open to the public. We have a 62" tv and an 11' tv. Two fridges (byob) open 10-7pm. 817-427-1777 Everyone is welcome! Rob, Patrick and Dan
  4. Cigar Bombs
    This S.O.B. got me good! Be aware of JesseJava187. I went out to the kitchen to find a suspicious looking box, opened it up, and BAM!!! Man I can't thank you enough brother for the great smokes. I've only had two of the 6, and they're two of my favs, and as for the others I'm very excited to...
  5. Entertainment
    This finally comes out tomorrow. I've been so baffled by the differences in the trailers ( and ) I'd really like to see how it goes. Wish I could take my chi to the theater with me. Actually, I could probably take him into the theater with a backpack. Or a man purse. I'll have to think about...
  6. Entertainment
    that's right... Love me some Axel F.
  7. Coffee Discussion
    This is from the Cartoon Network show Metalocalypse. You got to love a show where the pilot episode revolves around Metal Band doing a Commercial for a Coffee Company:
  8. Everywhere Else
    anybody want to meet up? Detroit crew? didnt think about it until i was already here so sorry about the short notice, but if anyone is going to be around, let me know. Brad
  9. General Discussion
    Looks like that hard work in the mines has payed off for one Dakotan. :tu Congrats on the RG milestone, ya bastage. Thanks for smoking those first few cigars with me and introducing me to the Leaf. You're a good Brother and an even better friend. Congrats!!!!! :bl :tu PS, sorry for...
  10. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Hello everyone!! First off let me say that this is an awesome board. I don't do much chat room stuff and actually stumbled onto this place thru myspace. I am impressed. I can't imagine how anyone could come up with a better site than this one. I just finished updating my profile so check it out...
  11. California
    Huckleberry's 627 Silver Spur #100A Rolling Hills Estates, CA (310) 265-2489, (866) 372-5547 Open very day except Monday - call them for exact hours. Proprieter's name is Richard "Boomer" McClennan; nice guy and touring cowboy singer. His helper Dan works late...
  12. General Discussion
    Anaheim Hills CA, evacuation, bbl.
  13. Cigar Bombs
    0103 8555 7492 1731 5994
  14. Cigar Bombs
    Nobody is safe. DC # 0103 8555 7490 3449 9884 DC # 0103 8555 7490 4498 5643
  15. Everywhere Else
    Oliva Event at Smoky's Fine Cigars in Bloomfield Hills Michigan From 4-8
  16. Entertainment
    This movie rated 'R', is pretty gory, and basically a waste of time. There's really not too much to say about it besides I would not watch this movie again, nor would I advise anyone to watch it. It's not even scary it's just disturbing.
  17. Entertainment
    Okay, this is mostly a joke, just to see if any of you older guys know what this show is, but did anyone catch the series premiere this week? For that matter, who watches Laguna Beach? Hahahaha I get a chuckle out of the future responses.
  18. Cigar Bombs
    I have enlisted a few friends to deliver some hurt on one of the Jungle Dwellers. Good luck with these soldiers. 0306 0320 0000 7825 0125 Someone better Run to the Hills! CBF:w
  19. General Discussion
    All in US dollars Beverly Hills $ 4.06/Gal. Norway $6.62/Gal. Kuwait $0.78/Gal. Saudi Arabia $0.91/Gal. This is the best. Caracas $0.12
  20. General Cigar Discussion
    About 10 years ago I got a hold of some really nice smokes from a shop in Austin, TX (it was then called Cigar Palace)- in house Romeo y Julieta Gold Label robustos from Nazareth's in Beverly Hills. They were dark and oily and just plain wonderful! Smooth and with tons of flavor to boot! To...
1-20 of 21 Results