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  1. Smoking Action
    This past Wednesday at our cigar club meeting we had a rep from Altadis stop by and give out some free sticks. Sadly the member who set this up was home in bed sick as a dog. A good time was had by all. CL members in attendance were Yesenia, Jimmy Ray and yours truly. The rest of the group all...
  2. Smoking Action
    Yesenia, doogie466, The EVP, Jimmy Ray and I hooked up at our favorite spot Hudson Valley Cigars for a herf. We were joined by doogies wife Rachel and her friend Kim. As usual the food was great and the company top notch. I brought my pipes with me for a change of pace and ended up loosing one...
  3. Everywhere Else
    This is just a feeler...but...with the RTDA/IPCPR show coming to Las Vegas in July (13th-17th), I figured a few from CS may be coming to town...what about an informal herf during that four day stretch...if anyone outside of the CS LV crew would be interested...please let us know.... Thanks...
  4. General Discussion
    Yes yes, I know that this was supposed to go in the 'Herf/Event Pics' section...BUT to my defense I'm about to post a bunch of pics and whoever viewed it would have to ice their hands/fingers/wrists after scrolling through (those pics load huge in that thread area!!) So I wanted to ease the pain...
  5. Smoking Action
    I attendance were Jim (doogie466), Joe (jitzy), Joe (jam), Pete (The EVP), Chanvit (Reb11) Yesenia, Tony (Tonyricciardi) and of corse me. As is the case most of the time doogie and I were the first to arrive. Followed shortly by Pete, jitzy and the rest. We had a blast! There was plenty of...
  6. Everywhere Else
    We had a quickie herf at Ratters today and decided I should make a thread for next week at my place. Saturday May 17th in Brentwood 94513. I'll be leaving for Yosemite all week so please PM Ratters or Bobarian for my address. Lets say 1:00 Since I'll have been gone all week on vacation and...
  7. Smoking Action
    This months bi-weekly meeting. Good food, good booze, good cigars and good friends. It doesnt get any better.
  8. Smoking Action
    Well Melody and I headed over to the local B&M for a smoke. We met up with Clavery88, Ecto1 and one other member and we can't remember his name. Sorry dude.
  9. Smoking Action
    So Dave and his wife Jen were in town for a convention, we met up at Casa Fuente for a smoke. Really nice couple and she enjoys a fine cigar as well. Justin, Dave, Stinky and Sean Dave and Jen
  10. General Cigar Discussion
    Had the opportunity to Herf this Wednesday with the KC boys a couple from this board. CigarJoel and and Mark in KC, both very fine BOTL's and several other around 12 total I believe. Of course I forgot my camera in the hotel, but there was some awesome and I do mean awesome sticks to be had...
  11. Smoking Action
    Our monthly meeting at our favorite spot.
  12. Smoking Action
    November 24th Cigar event at Hudson valley Cigars in New Windsor NY.
  13. Cigar Forums Banter
    so.. whats kickin my buttercup?
  14. Smoking Action
    Some friends I smoke with.
  15. Everywhere Else
    Well, with my new job in Orange County, I am not able to SHIT in San Diego with my brothers. In fact, the OBDG has resorted to calling me a guest SHITter now. :c The next best thing is to herf with family in the OC and points north. Wednesday night, in Long Beach, I was well fed and herfed with...
  16. Texas
    Just wanted to invite all comers to join us for a drink, a smoke, and a chat tonight at the Kelvin Arms Scottish Pub, 2424 Dunstan (next to Benjy's in the Rice Village).
  17. General Discussion
    Well deserved Tony, you are a fine BOTL and a great friend indeed! Thanks for all you do around here! :)
  18. Everywhere Else
    DOH! That is supposed to read PORTLAND, as in, PORTLAND OREGON.. Not "PORLAND" DOH... I've been staring at the PC screen so much the last 2 weeks I can't even read/type correctly anymore... Hello all! I will have the opportunity to get some good herfin' in Portland on Sunday the 20th! I will be...
  19. Everywhere Else
    Here we are Stormin on the left with a 06 MC # 2, I have a 98 H upman # 2 By the way my hat says Proud Hockey Dad
1-19 of 36 Results