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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey Guys! New to puff here. I've got a question for you guys and gals. Every now and then I find myself in a very unfortunate situation. My cigar goes out. But the reason it does is where I am confused. It is not always the full foot, sometimes it is, but sometimes its a good 1/4 of the surface...
  2. Sports Forum
    I could not care less about the NBA owners or players and I am not a basketball fan, but I have some interest in the current labor dispute because: 1. I always find labor disputes interesting 2. I feel for the arena workers, parking lot attendants, memorabilia vendors, etc.... who are out of...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    So aparently Joe didn't take to well to me calling him out and being disappointed that he left the Squids for the LOBsters. He felt it necessary to hit me immediately for my comments. While out working in my yard today, I heard a loud explosion after my mail man pulled away. In all the rubble, i...
  4. Habanos Discussion
    Aaaarrgggghhh!! I hate it! After getting my confirmation that they've shipped and seeing the card charged, I want my stuff now!!! :lol: A box of Boli PC's and a 5er of CoLa's and I'm worried about them already. And as a semi-related topic, since the holiday season is fast approaching, has...
  5. General Pipe Forum
    I have looked and haven't found this and thought this might be a good idea especially with new guys getting into pipes all the time. There are many tobaccos that we would all consider hard to find or a must try. Due to us being spread all over the country I though maybe if we made a list of...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    Was doing some re-arranging today while getting my coolidor stocked up and I noticed almost all of the caps on my cigars in my desktop humi were very dry, brittle and hard. The rest of the cigar is good, just a little spongy with no crackling of the wrapper. Its just the caps. My desktop humi...
  7. Cigar Questions
    I want to build a humidor, I went to school for Carpentry and I do it for a living, so I have an idea of what to do. But I'm going to have my Dads friend help me because he's more into woodworking and he smokes pipes. But my Dad says he can carve stuff and all that so I'd like to carve something...
  8. Habanos Discussion
    Arnie don't play hit me with an uppercut! 3 great Cigars a PSD#4 from 07. Bolivar Royal Corona from 08, Bolivar Petite Corona from 10! The box felt heavy he also sent me some fresh herbs and peppers from his garden! He told me a story about how how loves peppers and eggs! Funny one of my...
  9. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    From the beginning this thing was a work in progress. It was so hard in one area at the smoking end that it felt that a metal wire was stuck in th... Read the full review here: Alec Bradley Maxx Alec Bradley Maxx ( The Fix ) Cigar Review - Very hard draw
  10. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I picked up a couple of 5-packs on sale thinking that they would be on par with their bigger brothers. Well, I guess I'll never know because every ... Read the full review here: Don Diego Babies Cigar Review - A Hard Draw
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    I thought it was close to impossible to find any Liga Privada Dirty Rats or Flying Pigs...was I mistaken in that thought? I went to a shop by my work and picked up a few of each but they had a box or two of each. So am I mistaken or did I pick a shop where people just havent liked them?
  12. Cigar Bombs
    I was hit hard by shuckins with a cigar bomb. Im not able to post pics yet but it was a good one. father 1.arturo fuente grand reserve aurora 107 o' war 1.tatuaje verocu no.9 1.oba oba 1.por larranaga thanks man.
  13. Cigar Bombs
    The other day I posted that I enjoyed a Viaje Holiday Blend and looks what shows up yesterday Clint (Captnstabn), went off..... Noobs aren't supposed to be able to hit like this.... Much Appreciated.....
  14. Cigar Bombs
    and the 5th box was from the 13 run pool I won recently No words can describe the sheer generosity of this forum. I am truly speechless. but I will say one thing. I will enjoy these great smokes
  15. Habanos Discussion
    So i get home finally got some great news! After a disappointing meeting the other day on a contract with a local municipalities. Another calls me to say alright can you get started Monday "You know you are bound by contract". Rotflmao they jerk you around forever then want you to stand at...
  16. Cigar Bombs
    I received my first bomb ever today by a great brother of BOTL!!! Thank you!! It truly is appreciated!!! thank you Andrew (astripp)!!!! Now i will go and pick up the pieces of my mailbox and front door off the neighbors lawn!!
  17. Cigar Bombs
    Still recovering from the bombs Jason sent my way a few weeks back, in THIS THREAD, I came home early from work today to find yet another package from him. FIVE different limited Viajes (from Veeral's group buy) and a CAO Traviata thrown in for good measure to fill out the 6 finger bag...
  18. Habanos Discussion
    I was hit hard by a generous BOTL. Not sure if he is ok with sharing names but here is the content of said package. Thanks again. Semper Fi, Mr.Friday
  19. Cigar Pictures
    So Ive been going nuts over which box of CC's to buy first. Ive never smoked a Cuban cigar, let alone order an entire box. Had some great discussion in the Habano forums and just to help make my decision a tad easier, Martin sent me a tasting sampler! This was very generous of you man! Ive...
  20. General Pipe Forum
    Last week i expressed some interest in smoking a pipe. Adam AKA TX Smoker offered to send me a pipe from his pipe for trade thread. I never expected what showed up in the mail today 2 Pipes 12 samples of Tobacco 200 pipe cleaners and a pipe tool. Thank you very much Adam your overwhelming...
1-20 of 289 Results