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  1. Guns and Knives
    Just wondering if there are any handgun hunters here? If so, what calibers and what have you hunted? Being in the military, I don't hunt as much as I like but I have shot a few good animals with my pistols.
  2. General Discussion
    My nephew will be graduating from the NYC police academy soon. I have promised to buy him a backup pistol. I'm assuming his on duty pistol will be a hefty 9mm like a Glock. Not the easiest gun to conceal when you're wearing shorts & a tee shirt. I have a Ruger LCP 380 that is very compact &...
  3. General Discussion
    Wife is out with her girlfriends tonight, so I cracked open the safe and took a snapshot of a few of the handguns to share some p*rn with you guys. The Kimber .45 is my favorite of the bunch. I showed you mine, now let's see yours.
  4. General Discussion
    Great design --- JMB's finest.
  5. General Discussion
    I've decided to pick up my first handgun before it gets any harder (legally). I want something that'll work for home defense, but won't cost an arm and a leg to shoot regularly. The local gunshop recommended a S&W 9mm for $400, though I didn't get the exact model number. I'd be happier if the...
  6. General Discussion
    My 21st birthday is coming up and I am looking to buy my first handgun. I have shot a couple of my buddies' guns and have went to the range and shot rented ones and I liked shooting H&K the most. I was thinking about a USP .45 or a Mark 23. Will be used for home defense/target shooting since...
  7. General Discussion
    This is a little old, but you know what this means..... Infin1ty is getting a handgun :D:D:D:D
  8. General Discussion
    Take the quiz and see... See: I'm a Glock 22 .40 Cal
  9. General Discussion
    I recently went to the firing range and rented a Glock 19 9mm and absolutely loved it. I told the owner how much i liked it and he recommended the Springfield XD 9mm (its pretty compact). The firing range doesnt have one of these to rent so i was wondering if anyone has fired this and the glock...
  10. General Discussion
    Go ahead, make my day!
  11. General Discussion
    I'm in the market for my first handgun and I've decided on a .357 revolver. I liked the review of this Smith and Wesson in G&A and am interested in your opinions. Here's the link...
  12. General Discussion
    So I bought one and I love it. I also bought the .22 conversion, but the slide is sticky. As a matter of fact it is jamming on occasion when fired. The guy at the gun shop told me to keep oiling it and firing it because Kimber makes them "very tight." Anyway i was wondering if anyone has the...
  13. General Discussion
    I am looking at getting a hand gun, nothing out of hand, right now hight on the list are: Wather PPK(a real one, not an american made one) Sig sauer P226 9mm Smith and Weston Model 410 Pistol Beretta Px4 Storm,Type F 9mm Any other suggestions? Any pros and cons to these? I really like the PPK...
  14. General Discussion Its just a tiny hand gun, would it do any damage?? Still pretty darn cool. Sorry "Our revolver therefore is classified as not sporting and is not importable" (to the US) From there homepage..... It's total length does not exceed 5.5 cm. It...
  15. General Discussion
    Against all odds and the f**k**g PC and repressive attitude here in MA my wife and I are in the process of applying for our LTC's (license to carry). We have joined a local club and will soon (hopefully) be buying pistols. Here in MA there are many brands and models that are not available. As an...
1-15 of 15 Results