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  1. Coffee Discussion
    Does anyone have experience w/burr grinders and brand names? I recently fell in love with french press style coffee and would like to improve the quality by grinding beans on the spot. I heard grinding them before brewing makes a ton of difference.
  2. Coffee Discussion
    I guess what I'm looking for is a conical burr grinder. I have a cheap one (Dehlongi) that s****. Are ther any good ones, max $75.00. Most of the favorably reviewed ones on Amazon are expensive...Thanks!
  3. Coffee Discussion
    Will a Baratza Maestro eliminate the sludge that I get with every cup of my press? Currently using an old Solis 166. Am sick of the nasty sludge.
  4. Coffee Discussion
    As with cigars, did not appreciate coffee until I joined the CS coffee forum. Decided the hell with the infamous 'slippery slope' grabbed my backside and took the leap. Initially purchased the Moka Pot, recently bought a French Press, certain an expresso machine is on the list, but now looking...
  5. Coffee Discussion
    looking at grinders... This caught my eye. anyone have/had one? Thoughts?
  6. Coffee Discussion
    Nice dealeo here:
  7. Coffee Discussion
    Found this Carimali M1 (a.k.a. La Pavoni ZIP) for $150 on Craigslist. It seemed like a good enough deal. It's in good working order although it is FILTHY! Just cleaning the residue out of the hopper took me 20+ minutes. I'm scared to see what lurks inside.
  8. Coffee Discussion
    Taking a risk of going against Moo's advice to stay away from a used grinder... but with money being tight I couldn't resist. Landed a Mazzer Mini w/o the timer, was basically used for 3 months and sat on the kitchen counter for the next couple years. With a bag of coffee here or there run...
  9. Coffee Discussion
    Better than a whirlyblade...
  10. Coffee Discussion
    If I were to get a grinder to use for both espresso and press, would a stepless be something to maybe shy away from?
  11. Coffee Discussion
    I'm at the 6 month mark of owning my Gaggia MDF grinder and although it doesn't look impossible, the recommended dissasembly and cleaning with calibration job looks a little complicated. Is this something that most do on a semi annual basis or is it not really necessary that often? I have an...
  12. Coffee Discussion
    This could be interesting!
  13. Coffee Discussion
    I'm thinking a blind cupping protocol is needed. Suggest a 3rd party grind the same bean/roast & put equal quantities from each grinder in U fill tea bags. One would think the difference would be readily apparent if the whiz-bang grinder advocates are on track. I'm replacing my costco De Longhi...
  14. Coffee Discussion
    Not many people are so-so about coffee. You like the stuff or you don't. Folks don't take coffee like a disgusting medicine, struggling to swallow. This is not to say all coffee consumers are especially enjoying the drink, either; more often than not they are meeting some kind of buzz- or...
  15. Coffee Discussion
    Wholelatte love is amazing when it comes to helping out a customer, and they sent me instructions to clean my Gaggia MDF. Words like using an awl get me nervous though. I am thinking disassembling the Gaggia won't be too much different than a Rocky, so I am wondering how many here have taken...
  16. Coffee Discussion
    Didja know? Never reset a burr mill downward (finer) if the motor is not running. When the machine is not running there will likely be some beans or fragments trapped between the burrs. You can damage your grinder by cranking down (finer) and crushing trapped beans when the mill is not...
  17. Coffee Discussion
    Ok, My learning curve is back to square one as my Babby Gaggia and Gaggia MDF grinder arrived and I was praying for some advise. First, It seems that my grinder is using way more beans to get my portafilter filled compared with the relatively inexpensive burr grinder I was previously using...
  18. Coffee Discussion
    The Zassenhaus Coffee grinder that I received for Christmas has made a large difference in the taste of my French Press and Mokapot coffee. However, it requires about 120 rotations of the the handle to grind a full load to about a 1/2 cup of fresh coffee grounds. Being the inventive type (which...
  19. Coffee Discussion
    I came to a recent realization and wonder if my thinking is logical. I ended up blowing nearly 80 bucks between really screwing up with a blade grinder, then getting a 60 dollar burr grinder, then fell in love with this hobby and just bought a Gaggia conical burr grinder, refubished for about...
  20. Coffee Discussion
    I do believe I'm giving up the blade mill for a burr mill. I don't need anything extremely fancy or robust, just a daily coffee mill for my new gifted French press and the standard drip maker. After some looking around and reading reviews, I've come up with the Bodum Antigua burr mill. Anyone...
1-20 of 46 Results