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  1. General Discussion
    ...I sure am glad politics has not tainted the Nobel Peace prize selection process. ;)
  2. General Discussion
    well, it's about time! :D I wonder for what?:confused:
  3. Jokes Forum
  4. General Discussion
    I am inspired by the hunting season and thought I would share a picture that always makes me smile... I was 11 yrs old...Killed that 5pt. buck with a compound bow....I still hunt today, but the smile on my face in that picture is the best! How cool was I?
  5. General Discussion
    Drudge Report,,Sept 29...Gore claims cigarette smoking a significant contributor to global warming.. See story on This idiot actually came close to being president of the country.. Al has also put on a few pounds,,looks like a beached whale. Has not yet got to the point...
1-6 of 6 Results