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  1. Pipe Related Reviews
    I'm going to start this review off by asking, "Why the heck is this stuff not talked about more on this site?" Wow, this is great stuff. It comes cut really small. Little bitty pieces of tobacco that fall to the bottom of the bowl very easily. This is actually not my first bowl of this but...
  2. Cigar Questions
    I need to be taught a very important lesson on American diplomacy. Could any of you tell me how in the world can CA: Mott & Savona travel to Cuba, smoke Cuban cigars, bring back Cuban cigars, and purchase Cuban cigars?
  3. Pipe Related Reviews
    The tin art features a bespectacled gent puffing away contentedly. Recent production shrinks the image to leave room for the obligatory Euro warning verbiage. Description: "This blend contains Golden Virginia, Maryland and a little Dark Fired Virginia that gives this blend a profound flavor...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey Apes, Gordon, "Gordo" Cooper, the last Mercury astronuat, and the man who was in space the longest by himself, and who fell asleep on the top of the rocket while waiting for launch has died of heart problems. I cant think of a man I would rather have smoked a cigar with than him. Light...
  5. General Cigar Discussion
    Hi Everyone: I am collecting pictures of Gordon for his family. If any of you have any pictures of Gordon that you would care to share with Sheri and her children, please send them to me. The easiest way would be to e-mail them to me at: [email protected] If you don't have them in...
1-5 of 5 Results