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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    With the season little upset that I didn't golg as much as I would have liked but at the same time it is okay because most of ny golf money went to cigars. Now im thinking ahead. What makes a good smoke while golfing? Obviously something that doesn't take too much attention, maybe...
  2. Jokes Forum
    A nun walks into Mother Superior's office and plunks down into a chair. She lets out a sigh heavy with frustration. 'What troubles you, Sister?' asked the Mother Superior.. 'I thought this was the day you spent with your family.' 'It was,' sighed the Sister. 'And I went to play golf...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    Took today off work to golf with some great friends. I open the humidor up and oh crap, I only have a few cigars left. They are cheap, crappy ones but they will work for today. Any suggestions on what I should stock the humidor with so I don't run into this problem again?
  4. Cigar Questions
    I like to have a cigar or two during a round of golf. I've definitely learned not to bring out the big dogs since there are far from ideal smoking conditions while playing. I've been leaning towards Cain cigars due to how well they are constructed. I'd certainly like to have some variety...
  5. Jokes Forum
    The Obama Golf Czar has announced there is a possibility of MAJOR rule changes to the game of golf, this may occur sometime after March 1, 2010. This is only a preview as the complete rule book is being rewritten now. Here are a few basic changes: Golfers with handicaps: - below 10 will have...
  6. Jokes Forum
    Two old friends were just about to tee off at the first hole of their local golf course when a guy carrying a golf bag called out to them, 'Do you mind if I join you? My partner didn't turn up.' 'Sure,' they said, 'You're welcome.' So they started playing and enjoyed the game and the company...
  7. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    I love golf, and as corny as I am, I was excited to smoke a cigar named after my favorite pastime; however, my love for Perdomo cigars has now drop... Read the full review here: Perdomo Reserve Golf Double Eagle Cigar Review - Not golfing
  8. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    This is one great cigar to take out on the links. Lasts 6 to 7 holes, keeps a good burn, and has good peppery flavors. You can often catch good d... Read the full review here: J. Fuego Casa Fuego Double Corona Cigar Review - Golfing cigar
  9. Sports Forum
    And when do you light up your cigar during your round? Personally, I don't like to eat at the turn unless I'm super hungry. I normally eat before my round and I don't like the wait between the front and back. I like lighting up one the 2nd or 3rd tee as my friends and I usually have a lot to...
  10. Jokes Forum
    A Catholic Priest, an Indian Doctor, a rich Chinese Businessman and a New Zealander were waiting one morning for a particularly slow group of golfers in front of them. The New Zealander fumed, 'What's with those blokes? We must have been waiting for fifteen minutes!' The Indian Doctor chimed...
  11. General Cigar Discussion
    what you recommend?
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    Are there any suggestions on a good golfing cigar? I would like to stay away from the full bodied smokes on the course (they're great for after the round with cold one) . Something mild to med would be great. Thanks for the help!
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    6am rolled around and I thought I should go to bed. Because my wife was in DC, I figured I should leave my cell phone on in case she called me. Did she call in the morning? No, but the phone rang incessantly while I did my best to sleep through it (the wife has a different ring, so I know...
  14. Jokes Forum
    The Swede's wife steps up to the tee and, as she bends over to place her ball, a gust of wind blows her skirt up and reveals her lack of underwear. "Good GOD, woman! Why aren't you wearing any skivees?" Olef demanded. "Well, you don't give me enough housekeeping money to afford any." The...
  15. Illinois
    Is there any interest in this? I love golf, so I'm down. If there are 4 of us, we should plan something...I will provide some cigars...
  16. Illinois
    Due To The 1st Place Cubs And 1st Place Whitesox Series, The Event Has Been Postponed Until Further Notice. Our Apologies!
  17. Jokes Forum
    Two old friends were just about to tee off at the first hole of their local golf course when a guy carrying a golf bag called out to them, 'Do you mind if I join you? My partner didn't turn up.' 'Sure,' they said, 'You're welcome.' So they started playing and enjoyed The game and the...
  18. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Golfing Tournament this past Friday @ Bull Run Country Club in Haymarket, VA. A bit far out but still considered DC Metro area. Excellent conditions, PERFECT weather. Nice chill in the morning and warmed up to 87 degrees. Started the day out with a CAO Vision Prana. Had burn issues the entire...
  19. General Cigar Discussion
    Have a 4 man scramble setup for lunch,and gonna make a pit stop at the B&M for some gars,have my own stash,but want to pick up some more for a couple clients,My question is,what is your favorite golfing gar?Hopefully its something I can find locally. thanks.
  20. General Cigar Discussion
    Well I was all set to have a HUGE cigar golf outing this past LONG weekend....and it all went to crap. Packed my 15 count cigar caddy for carry on, lighters in a tranzpack checked in baggage as well as the cutter. All went smooth as silk. Lighters and cutter made it from Dulles to Sky Harbor...
1-20 of 25 Results