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  1. WTS/B/T Pipe Stuff
    Read that as 'wanted to dump'; sorry, but this one just isn't for me. Anyone out there been wanting to try it? I'll divide it up four ways (it's a full tin minus three bowls; that's enough for me) and send a sample to the first four to ask on this thread.
  2. Pipe Related Reviews
    Honestly, I can't remember who sent me this sample. The past month has been a huge friggin' blur of pipe and cigar samples! Great folks here on this site. So if you're the culprit, take credit! Quiet Nights looks and smells great. The tobacco comes in a broken flake form similar to...
  3. Pipe Related Reviews
    So we end our week of G.L. Pease. Have to say thanks to Greg and all the folks at GLP. I've had most of these for a while and had to go back and have another bowl to be able to do these reviews. Very enjoyable. Let's start with opening the jar. Absolutely intense aromas of dates and...
  4. Pipe Related Reviews
    So, we're continuing the week of GLP tonight. This one only has 4 months on it. So from the jar I get the smokiness similar to the Chelsea Morning but it's a little different. There's some raisin/prune aromas as well. So you know it's got a little smaller ratio of latakia to virginia than...
  5. Pipe Related Reviews
    Yeah, I smoked it in the evening. I'm sure Greg won't mind too much! So, here we sit with a bowl of Chelsea Morning. It's got about 10 months of age on it. Tin note is really nice. Nice smokey smell you expect from an english. This is one of the lines the Pease site uses to describe it...
  6. Pipe Related Reviews
    I first tried this a year ago at the Newark Pipe Show, and felt in love at the first puff. As soon as it was available in 8 oz tins ... you know the rest. Description "Sweet red and bright Virginias, fragrant orientals, a bit of rich Cyprus Latakia, and just a pinch of perique. The leaf is...
  7. Pipe Related Reviews
    After a fine start this morning with Chelsea Morning, I thought I would stick with Greg's Old London program and dig into the Meridian I nabbed at the Newark show. Description "Meridian - balanced, poised & sophisticated. Cyprus Latakia is layered with fine virginia tobaccos and small leaf...
  8. General Pipe Forum
    The Briar & Leaf Chronicles » Blog Archive » Secrets Revealed A plug. A virginia and kentucky plug. Dark-fired Kentucky. And it's called...JackKnife Plug. :omg: Excuse me while I go change my shorts.
  9. General Pipe Forum
    I've really been enjoying the Balkan blends lately, namely Balkan Supreme, and Balkan Sasieni. I'm going to NYC in a couple days to visit the girlfriend, and without a doubt I'll be stopping by De La Concha. They've have a pretty extensive collection of GLP blends, so I thought I'd turn to...
  10. Pipe Related Reviews
    I have been meaning to post a review on this stuff all summer. Also, my BPD has dropped a great deal due to some work issues and the silly heat we had in the region over the summer. A normally delightful pipefull becomes burdensome when the temperature is 103* and the heat index is 115*.....but...
  11. General Pipe Forum
    I just noticed that there are some new blends that have just arrived from C&D and GLP. As someone with a major interest in WW2 and aviation, this one is on my list for the name and the tin art alone.
  12. General Pipe Forum
    Just came across this from Greg Pease. Having recently read the reviews on Frog Morton on TR I found it interesting after reading all the back and forth on whether or not Frog Morton is cased or flavored. Thought I'd share for others new to pipe smoking. It was an eye opener for me. Myth: I...
  13. Pipe Related Reviews
    I have a tin but before I sit on it and let it hatch in a year, I'd like to know if its a rooster or a turkey I'm growing.
  14. Pipe Related Reviews
    Picadilly is a provocative blend of several Virginia tobaccos, delicately spiced with Latakia, and finished with Louisiana perique. The alluring flavour is revealed in layers throughout the smoke. It's lighter and sweeter than the others, but still rich, with hints of cinnamon and citrus. A...
  15. Pipe Related Reviews
    Alright, GLP Fillmore has been chosen for the July ToM. Post up your reviews here.
  16. Pipe Related Reviews
    place your reviews here for the March Tobacco of the Month. :pp
  17. General Pipe Forum
    I thought the pipe people here at CS would be interested in this news... Maltese Falcon (click) Having never had the opportunity to smoke Raven's Wing, I will be eagerly awaiting a chance to try this new blend.
  18. Pipe Related Reviews
    put your reviews in here, yens bastages. :D
  19. General Pipe Forum
    has anyone tried the new blend yet? heard its some sort of broken flake of VA and Perique?
  20. Pipe Related Reviews
    Re: Pipe Tobacco Reviews I smoked a Bowl of GLP Boheiman Scandal That tobacco is so fricken Evil. It was one of the best bowls I have had in a long time and now I cannot get any more..... it was worth the time to smoke it with a good single malt scotch.
1-20 of 20 Results