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  1. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I've seen a few people on here laser engrave some cigars with a child's name and it got me thinking. I am planning on buying 2 My Father cigars and engraving both of my daughter's names and birthdays on to them for a display in my office. I would like to put them inside of glass tubes and have...
  2. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    Great price for Glencairn Whiskey Glasses on amazon. If you order 4 of them you get free shipping. Just thought id post it here. Get em while they last. Its posted on slickdeals so it wont last long...
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    I got a macanudo P.P. 1868 vintage 1997 in a glass tube and im fairly sure this is air tight with the seal and everything. But im not sure if it needs a humidor or if the glass tube is a humidor sealing in humidity and freshness by its self?
  4. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    In virtually all of the humidor seasoning threads I've read, it is suggested that you must use distilled water in the shot glass or on the sponge placed on a dish. I could understand why you wouldn't use tap water in the humidor foam filter, beads, or by wiping down the inside of the box. But...
  5. Cigar Accessory Questions
    Hey Puff community I'm pretty sure I narrowed down on the humidor I'm getting and it'll be a glass top I just have one question that I would like for people to answer and leave an opinion if you want. Should I seal the glass top with Silicon right when I get it or wait till later? I've heard...
  6. Cigar Accessory Questions
    Anyone know of an (inexpensive) source for a decent-weight glass ashtray? Looking for heft, it can be a single gar tray, as I'm the only one at home smoking cigars. It doesn't need to be ornate, simple is fine. Doesn't have to be crystal, either. Just a glass tray with substantial weight...
  7. Cigar Questions
    Hey guys, I recently started a coolidor. I did it sort of on the fast!! So it isn't COMPLETELY stable... I know a lot of people will keep their cigars in the box in the humidor. To create happy little micro-climates, plus it's extra ceder. My ma brought me back several cigars from mexico...
  8. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Saw this on ebay, looks interesting New Seven Drawer Black High Gloss Finish Humidor - eBay (item 300510887701 end time Mar-04-11 01:19:22 PST)
  9. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Anyone have any thoughts on glass window humis? I like the idea of showing off the good sticks, but worry about fading and the fading messing with the taste.
  10. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I have got one of the Art-Deco glass top humis that I am struggling with in terms of keeping a stable RH. Its seemed to be fine over the summer (after seasoning it) but now that the cold months are here in CT and the heat is on, I am unable to keep a stable RH. I have one of the CI 4oz jars...
  11. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I've purchased a humidor off of and a couple of boveda seasoning packets. This is my first humidor and I am completely new to the craft of humidor maintenance. To start off I used a brand new sponge with distilled poland spring and wiped down the interior of the humidor and let...
  12. Cigar Questions
    I have a Gurkha in a glass tube. Is there a trick to opening these things that doesn't require a very sharp knife and patience?
  13. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I have seen a couple of threads where people are referring to glass top humidors as not being as good as without the glass. Is this the case? I bought a glass top because I really like the way it looked. If it turns out that they are not a good idea, I need to know now before I wreck all of...
  14. General Cigar Discussion
    Just bought a box of RP robusto cigars in the glass tubes. When storing them in the humidor, is it best to leave them in the tubes unopened, or take them out and lay them in the trays? First tubes I've bought in bulk. Many thanks.
  15. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    Once I get back to school I'm probably upgrading the tupadore to a humidor. This will be my first one, so I was curious what your thoughts are on a glass top vs solid wood. I've heard the glass tops don't always hold humidity as well... I'm looking at around 50-100 count boxes right now.
  16. Cigar Accessory Questions
    Has anyone ordered or is using the chasidor cedar trays that have the closed bottom and the glass top? the reason I ask is because I have been having trouble keeping the humidity regulated in my wineador ... when it turns on, it sucks the humidity out of the air quicker than it can be put...
  17. Cigar Accessory Questions
    hey guys need some input, looking to get a new bigger humidor and wanted to know some pros and cons of each(havent heard anything about the glass cabinet). so any input is welcome and i need enough room under the tray for a hydra sm. :fencing:
  18. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    While skimming through the accessory category i realized that gar owners take certain steps in inspecting a solid humidor. The only step i took after opening my UPS package was checking for a woosh sound and it did. Tapped the glass for any play...seems solid except the bottom left corner...
  19. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    **Nice** Wine Cooler. or Beverage Cooler with Glass Doors Model CGM-5R Found this on my local list. Have been wanting to get one of these for a humi. Cannot find anything on this thing. All help would be appreciated.
  20. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    What do you guys think of a entire glass humidor? As I was at my local B&M I got the idea of it while smoking and watching the olympics. The making of it isn't the difficult part of the equation, its will I be able to keep the humidity correct? I am thinking of using the spanish cedar trays...
1-20 of 101 Results