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  1. General Cigar Discussion
    The title says it all. I've got an order from cbid shipping on Wednesday, and I want to find something close to a Sancho Panza Double Maduro to add to it. Does anyone have any recommendations? I especially like the balanced sweetness and chocolate hints of the Sancho without having the cigar...
  2. Gamers Forum
    gimme your casino cash or ill attack you with my army, just ask soul edge.
  3. General Discussion
    This is my 500th post.:chk
  4. Cigar Bombs
    This is the first time I have ever posted a launch but when a brother is nice enough to list what cigars what they want in chat and on the board it is only right that I hand out fair warning!!!! You know who you are!!! This one is heading for the Sunshine State!! Thanks for making my job...
  5. Sports Forum
    fantasy football dudes and dudettes. lemme know what you guys think of this trade. this isn't in any CS leagues, just one of my others with my friends. i have wr : santana moss, plaxico burress, reggie brown. bench : mike clayton, matt jones, braylon edwards. rb : rudi johnson, stephon...
  6. General Discussion
    Operation removes lightbulb from anus Thu Jun 29, 7:34 AM ET MULTAN, Pakistan (Reuters) - Fateh Mohammad, a prison inmate in Pakistan, says he woke up last weekend with a glass lightbulb in his anus. Wednesday night, doctors brought Mohammad's misery to an end after a one-and-a-half hour...
1-6 of 7 Results