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  1. Entertainment
    Mine is Visheau I'm playing CoD4 a lot right now, if anyone wants to play add me and hit me up
  2. Entertainment
    Looking to play with my fellow gorillas in any xbox live games: Cod4, nba live 08, etc......... My gamertag is xxZION5407xx Happy Holidays!! Troy
  3. Entertainment
    So i know there a few threads with everyones gamer tag,and I have tried to add most of the people here,but there are a ton I dont have as friends yet,b/c Im just to lazy to read through 5+ pages to find them all. This is just going to be a list with CS names then Gamertags,so everyone can get...
  4. Entertainment
    anyone else have one? mine is Darth Daka
1-4 of 4 Results