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  1. Habanos Discussion
    Yesterday, while sitting in the garage listening to the Pats / Chargers, I had an amazing cigar that, for me at least, changed all the rules of the game. It was a Vegas Robaina Famosos (unknown age) that Bull gifted to me last month. Thank you so much Al. I am a weak reviewer but this was the...
  2. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
    Wooooooot! :)
  3. Food, Wine, & Spirits Forum
    I was invited over a buddies place a couple of weeks ago to sample some of his friends new products that he sent to him. My bud Ray just moved to Florida from Michigan about a year ago, and his long time friend had to send him some of the stuff he had been working on with his wife over the last...
  4. Cigar Forums Banter
    Very simple, similar to the word game, except with movie/tv titles and the following post needs to make sense.... Every now and then I'll merge the posts and see where this story leads us. And it begins.. Yes, Dear
  5. Cigar Puffers Introduction Forum
    Just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and say Hi. I am a police officer and enjoy lighting up a good stick and having a few beers and sometimes Johnny Walker Black Label/Ginger Ale with a few good buddies/coworkers on our days off. It has come to be known as "Firepit Wednesdays". I...
  6. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
  7. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Want to impress on the golf course? Fed up of those sideward glances because your ball has landed in someone's cocktail and you've just given y... Read the full article here: Puff Lifestyle - Up Your Game: Top Tips for Golfers
  8. General Discussion
    Anybody else play this? I have been for the past month and have those few pieces that I still need to get. Someone on here has to play it, well lets trade pieces! Maybe I have something you need and maybe you have some I need. :smile:
  9. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
    Meet cha there! :wave: .
  10. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
    Meet cha there! :) .
  11. Cigar Contests
    Thats right folks, another contest. I couldnt resist. With the recent success of guessing game contests like, Batistas " What was the last cigar i smoked contest" and Donovans " Whats my middle name contest" . I figured i would get in on the fun. So here it is......The guess my favorite cigar...
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    I got 3 humi's and have about 100 or so cigars. I haven't lit one up in almost 2 years. Not sure why....maybe a busy life, no craving for one etc. One thing that doesn't help is I have no buddy's that smoke cigars. I've been keeping an eye on my Humi's keeping the RH in check, but slacked over...
  13. Cigar Forums Texas Hold'em Poker
    sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssee ya there!
  14. Guns and Knives
    Mine is the Buck 110 I think every hunter should have one in his collection.. Whats your favorite folder for hunting?
  15. General Pipe Forum
    The Game was truly “afoot” when I received an immensely devastating package from our very own Owaindav. From the moment the package was handed to me, I could literally smell the traces its wonderful contents. Inside the package I found very generous variety of samples that are sure to help me...
  16. Sports Forum
    The worste hockey game ever watched tonight. Pens and Islanders It will be all over the news tomorrow if you did not see it.
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    Greetings, fellow Herfinators:smoke2: well..once again, that most holiest of holy days is almost, I'm not talking about the season finale of America's Got Talent...I'm talkin' SUPER BOWL SUNDAY,BAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!:cheer2:(just as an aside.....this post is in...
  18. Cigar Contests
    Anyone want to wager on the game? Teams Rosters: Team Staal: Forwards: Eric Staal Ryan Kesler Alex Ovechkin Daniel Sedin Rick Nash Patrick Sharp Jeff Skinner Claude Giroux Corey Perry Patrik Elias David Backes Paul Stastny Defense: Mike Green Zdeno Chara Marc Staal Dan Boyle Kris Letang Erik...
1-18 of 400 Results