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  1. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Also see this review @ Origin : Dominican Republic Format : Toro Gordo Size : 6 x 60 Wrapper : Dominican Filler : Dominican Binder : Dominican Hand-Made Price : $8.75 I was first introduced to these awhile back when Pete Johnson announced he would be...
  2. Jokes Forum
    Found it in my inbox this morning, gave me a chuckle =)
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    please go to sandbox raffle page and make sure you have paid. there are way too many names missing payment. it's something very easy to forget to do so please remind your botl's if you see their name on the list. this only hurts the troops.
  4. Cigar Bombs
    Fred (macms) decided to have a little contest and drop off some Cloaca Maxima's that are not only full of "aroma" but steaming... Needless to say when I got home from work a hazmat team had been assembled to diagnose what was within this box, which was falling apart from the sewer aged artifacts...
  5. Cigar Forums Banter
    Congrats my friend, I'm glad I could put you over. You're a great friend. :tu
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    When Charles Gibson asked all the leading presidential candidates What were their guilty pleasures? Fred Thompson replied.... "Well, I have been known to chew on a cigar of questionable origin," he said in an interview. :ss Guiliani also mentioned cigars! Here's the complete story with...
  7. Jokes Forum
    Big Freddie and the really fast gay black guy
  8. General Discussion
    Anyone else excited about it?
  9. Jokes Forum
    [FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="3"]A cop stopped a man for drivingfaster than the speed limit. He asks the man his name. "Fred." he replied. "Fred what?" the officer asked. "Just Fred." the man responds. The officer was in agood moodand thinks he might just as well give the fellow a break and write a...
  10. Habanos Discussion Interesting articles touching a bit on Fred Thompson's love for the Havana cigar.
  11. General Discussion
    I don't think this has been posted yet, so I thought I would share. I usually stay out of politics on this site, but I wanted to post it since their was a reference to Stogies. Apparently, Thompson recently complained about Moore traveling to Cuba to film his health care documentry. Moore...
  12. Cigar Contests
    I got my prize today from DonWeb for winning the Fred Sanford's Favorite Things scavenger hunt. I got something that i have wanted for a while now. A Stinky! Also I got a very nice selection of smokes! Great Prize DonWeb. Thank-you!
  13. General Cigar Discussion
    (2) a fuente cigar (13) merchandise from a george lucas movie (10) a flashlight won’t work without one (4) a pile of rubber bands (6) die karte ist sechs von vereinen (12) Orient the photo north – south, and prove it. (8) a palindrome (3) IHT is an acronym, write out the full name on a 3 by 5...
  14. General Discussion
    Does anyone remember reading the book Old Yeller? I am have been looking for it in audio format so I can put it on my IPOD. It would make a great book for my boys to listen to in the car on trips. I remember reading that book several times as a kid.
  15. Cigar Bombs
    Not that box you pervs. Fred (Rock Star) granted my wish in the MAW/PIF thread and sent me an 05 ERdM Choix Supreme, 98 ERdM Grandes de Espana, a Jose Piedra, and a 96 Los Statos Deluxe. What I didn't tell you was that those 4 cigars were settled nice and tight in a 50 count X-treme caddy...
  16. Sports Forum
    The annual baseball Winter Meetings are underway in Orlando, Florida and the tradition of cigar-smoking managers of the Florida Marlins appears to be safe for the immediate future. Cuban-born Fredi Gonzalez, 42, rejoined the Marlins as their new manager on October 3, after spending four years...
  17. Cigar Bombs
    Sorry i dont know your handle mister Rock Star edit out of real name but this was one generous and unexpected bomb!!! i was hit proper again this week, im totally shocked to say the least, overwhelmed YET AGAIN with the kindness of the BOTLs here. I dont know what i did to deserve such...
  18. General Discussion
    It has nothing to do with Cigars, Drinking or Babes, but I need to bring this up. Appearantly the Rev. Fred Phelps hates homosexuals and america. He has 2 websites. and Phelps has decided to go around the country and (get this) protest funerals of military...
  19. Jokes Forum
    A woman goes into the local newspaper office to see that the obituary for her recently deceased husband is published. The obit editor informs her that there is a charge of 50 cents per word. She pauses, reflects, and then says well, then, let it read "Fred Brown died." Amused at the...
1-19 of 20 Results