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  1. Cigar Contests
    Hey everyone, I know there is already a Fantasy football thread, but I thought this would be fun too. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making friendly predictions between two parties about football, with the winning party receiving the agreed upon bounty from losing party. This...
  2. General Discussion
    For those interested, we do a weekly NFL preview video on our youtube channel. This week we had NFL Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas stop by to talk cigars and football. It was a lot of fun getting a chance to sit down with him and hear some great stories from his playing days and how...
  3. Sports Forum
    Heh guys...this is just for fun so no money involved. PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU CAN'T PARTICIPATE EACH WEEK 16 teams max the ID# is 842276 and the Password is vick123.
  4. Sports Forum
    Well sports fans. Here is the place to sound off that your team is better than their team! This is the place to show your spirit, and let everybody know who you're rooting for. Some real quick guidelines before it gets out of hand... 1. This is trash talk, so things like college english, and...
  5. Cigar Contests
    I know this is a bit late in the game, but let's see if there's enough interest in a college football pick 'em contest. You pick roughly 20 games per week against the spread without confidence points and compete for prizes. Everyone who enters will send a 5er of good quality cigars to the...
  6. Cigar Contests
    Here we are with the NFL season just a few short weeks away, and that means it is time for our Puff Survivor Football contest. Simply put you pick one team each week, with no points spread involved. If your team wins, you advance to the next week. if you lose you are out. It is that simple. Once...
  7. Sports Forum
    I created a new CBS Sportsline Gold (with $ payout) league. $40 buy in with $200 to the winner. Obviously, this is for serious players. If we have enough interest we make it a dynasty league for next year. Live draft is evening of Monday the 29th. Hit me up if you want in.
  8. Sports Forum
    Having an online draft on a League dating back to 2004. Few spots left. Buy in is 5 premiums as usual. Draft is slated Fri Sep 2 9:00pm EDT. I'd be gladto have a few Puff members in the league. Players are from multiple cigar boards. Prizes are 30 20 10 sticks on placement. 12 man league.
  9. Sports Forum
    If your like me and loss tons of money becuse you make to many bets every friggin weekend, this is for you to! I am making a pool this year that’s kinda different from the rest. Its for degenerates like myself: $100 buy in, and you make your 10 best NFL/NCAA spread or over/under plays Whomever...
  10. Sports Forum
    Ive been away on vacation so when I got back I set up a fantasy football league on espn if anyone wants to join.. pm for password inorder to join 1.k-morelli 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
  11. Sports Forum
    This should be a pisser!!! YouTube - ‪Football Cops Trailer‬‏ Can't embed I guess....wait got the embed version...
  12. Sports Forum
    Ok guys. I know there isn't a definate start to the season in sight, but I figured might as well start getting ready just in case. Last years Fantasy Football League was a fun time, and I don't think anyone really had a terriblle team. Just some bad luck and underperfomers. So this year the...
  13. Cigar Bombs
    I started a Puff pick em Fantasy football league for the 2010 season. The buy in was 3 sticks, paying back the first 3 places. I finished 3rd and ARCHAIC as well as bigslowrock decided to add a few extras to the prize package. Thanks guys it is much appreciated. Some new sticks I havent tried as...
  14. General Pipe Forum
    This Holiday Weekend looks to shape up as a big deal for the College Football Fans! Now, I am a proud graduate of Auburn University (As well as Alabama A&M and Boston Univeristy) and our team plays our arch rival, the University of Alabama Friday. Several other big time games also take place...
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey guys, in my weekly searches I discovered a weekly football picks pool where you can win cigars. Its at on the left side there is the football picks graphic... it's free too.... I thought it was fun so i figured I would spread the word
  16. Cigar Bombs
    Last week I helped out a little on the NFL Week 3 Wager thread and AJ Fernandez Fan/Robert thought I needed rewarded. So, he sent me a nice 5er of Perdomo Slow Aged Robustos. They came yesterday and needless to say, it was wonderful. :whoo: I've never smoked one, but it's take a little nap...
  17. Sports Forum
    How yall got this weekend? It should be a great weekend with Big games being played. Who's on Upset alert? I say LSU & Auburn both have close games, and Oregon State upsets Boise State (I would not put $$$ on it though)....
  18. Sports Forum
    What a weekend of Football. Ole Miss losing to Vandy and Notre Dame losing to Sparty. Oregon seems to be the real deal as well as Nebraska. What did anyone else find out this weekend?
  19. Sports Forum
    How about it CFB fans, what was your biggest surprise from week 2? For me, Va. Tech going down to a D-II school and Oregon going off on Tenn. like they did.
  20. Sports Forum
    alright i see 2 have been tried and both failed.. so 3rd times a charm right? looking to get 12 people in.. have 3 so far on another board including myself. winner each week gets a 5er from one of the members designated for each week. if the person who has to send the 5er that week is in fact...
1-20 of 274 Results