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  1. Cigars for the Troops
    I was pm ing someone and offered a hat, cigar case and other fluff for a raffle for a troop drive! who was it I am sorry I deleted the pm. PM me and I will send the stuff on over. Thanks
  2. General Discussion
    Hey there all my Gorilla brethren. I've been out of rotation for awhile thanx in large part to a healthy dose of work and a nice helping of .......... DOH!!!!!!! Life's been busy lately and I've got a ton of PM's I need to respond to so if you're one of those who've sent me one, I swear I'll...
  3. General Discussion
    Well, I guess this is where I get my first bananas. I dont know what to say other then I hope I had something to offer in my previous posts. I signed up on 9/9/05 and on 10/4/05 I get my bananas. 4.08 posts per day according to my profile. This is what happens when you return to college after a...
  4. General Discussion
    Okay I'm a sad Brit, but I have to ask WIGN is fluff.? Do I want to know?
  5. General Discussion
    500 and another bunch! Thanks to everyone here for making this possible. I'm truly proud to be part of a forum that has such a great bunch of people. Thanks again. Mark
  6. General Discussion
    WOO HOOOOO!!!! I did it!! :D Finally got to 500!! (And not TOO much fluff was used to get there.....!!) More nanners for everyone!!! Don't slip on all the peels lyin' around!!! Time to smoke a fattie and celebrate!! :z
  7. General Discussion
    Coincidence....I think NOT. Well it really doesnt feel like i deserve em. But I'm glad they are here. I'm gonna use my Fluff to say how happy I am to have found such a great bunch of people to chat with, and to share my hobbie with. CS is a great place (albeit fairly addictive) and I am proud...
  8. General Discussion
    whooooo hoooooo! more nanners! I love it here.
  9. General Discussion
    I have been a post machine the past two months and gained this bunch of nanners much more quickly than the last. Having a bunch of fun! -Matt-
  10. General Discussion
    Just asking? So many ideas, so little inclination to get flamed.. Who has been most offended by your cigar smoke? Whats your favorite burned something with a cigar story? Cigars or sex poll.. which could you live without longer? Why do we hang out here instead of smoke? Who does the laundry in...
1-11 of 11 Results