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  1. Jokes Forum
    A blond and brunette are walking down the street. The brunette says, "Oh my God!, there is my husband across the street. And he is walking into that flower shop. This is horrible!" The blond replies, "What is so wrong with that?" "You do not understand," explains the brunette, "This means I...
  2. Habanos Reviews
    These are really cool looking. Corona Especial sized (or so) but shaped/tapered head and foot. Purportedly rolled for the Paratagas dinner. Have a tobacco "flower" as part of the head of the cigar. From the first puff, just loved this cigar. Super rich and strong. Strong in flavor. Not...
  3. Cigar Bombs
    I was laying in bed sick today after work when I heard the doorbell ring. All of the sudden Darrell came upstairs with a bouquet of flowers!! They were from GNUKFU! My first bomb...and what perfect timing! It really made my day!! Thanks George!!
  4. Entertainment
    save your money, don't watch it....that's my opinion, at least. way less action than i had anticipated, way more drama. that's ok, sometimes, but this drama was straight out of a cheesy soap opera. i went with 5 friends and every single one of us left saying that this was the worst movie we have...
1-5 of 5 Results