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  1. Cigar Forums Banter
    Kym is offline for a few day's with out internet so he asked me to pass this on. Might be a good time to flip him some doo doo as we all love to take advantage of our beloved BOTL and master of the picture jokes :) So if ya dare let him have it. we Love ya Kym except Warren of course!! J/K Get...
  2. Cigar Accessory Discussion
    I went through the instructions and examined the metal cap/screws. I don't think the door can be flipped! Why? - the controls for the vinotemp are on top of the door and are somehow wired to the circuitry in the back. - door handles don't seem to come off or can be placed on the other side...
  3. Sports Forum
    anyone know? All I've seen is that it's going to be early on Sunday. That's not vague at all! :confused:
  4. General Discussion
    Need some help. I have a AT&T 8525 (HTC Tytn) which I love, but hate carrying it around on the weekends. I'm looking for a good, unlocked, slim WM flip phone. I looked at the Qtek 8500, but want some opinions from you's gorillas. Do you have any suggestions? PS- Yes, it HAS to be WM.
  5. General Discussion
    I know alot of you might not like rap, but i enjoy some of it, flip is one of my favorite artists, thought some might want to hear this
  6. General Discussion
    I don't know why she is so concerned. Swears I'm going to get cancer and die. I only smoke once a month and more often during the holidays (4 a month maybe). So what does your wife or significant other think or say to you? Just curious. Thanks!
  7. Jokes Forum
    I think I peed Poor guy
  8. General Discussion
    Just goofing around with the tire after working out today. O and the last slide says what it does b/c the management group that runs are apartments is making me remove the tire from my back patio :cry:
  9. General Discussion
    it must be getting close to lolh because the antics have almost reached their ebb ;-) rather than put a roflmao on each post, i thought i'd make a general statement here: rofl
  10. General Discussion
    Flipflop made it over 1000 post. Welcome to the Tired Fingers Club!!! :+
1-10 of 10 Results