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  1. General Discussion
    Here's a fun topic: White Trash Fights. How do you feel about them? Personally, I think they are some of the best entertainment one can get. For instance, about 5 minutes ago I was on the crapper, reading CA when all of the sudden I heard a ton of yelling outside. From what I made of it, Guy 1...
  2. Sports Forum
    If you guys are into MMA and have the Versus chanel, tune in fights are starting right noe 10:00pm est.
  3. General Cigar Discussion
    Does anyone know if CI still has their Friday Night Fights samplers? I looked on CI but found only one sampler (Macanudo and Cu-Avana). Their catalog this month doesn't have them listed either. If anyone knows about this, will you please post a link to the Friday Night Fights samplers at...
  4. Jokes Forum
    Subject: FW: Breaking ******* news This news just in: All of the Wal-Marts across Alabama sold out of ammunition as of yesterday. A reliable source said that one of the purchasers commented that while Russia may have invaded Georgia, they sure as hell ain't doin' it to Alabama. Edit...
  5. Jokes Forum Interesting, if insect violence is up your alley...
  6. General Cigar Discussion
    I was curious if anybody has ordered these before. I've been interested in the CAO Black and Padron setup. However, CI never mentions what sizes they are. I even emailed their customer service, and the only response I got was they did not know. I was actually surprised at the response...
  7. Sports Forum
    Solis was KO'd in the 8th round, but claimed his wife hits harder... :shock: :bitchslap: I would hate to see this guys wife... or worse have her pissed off at me. ... id=2838022
1-8 of 8 Results