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  1. Sports Forum
    Congrats to Rickey Henderson & Jim Rice for being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Henderson definately deserves this honor while I am skepitcal about Rice getting in.
  2. Sports Forum This was discussed on the radio yesterday and they started talking about why Ricky Jackson, the leader of the New Orleans Saints famous "dome patrol" defense. Jackson left the Saints and became a leader on...
  3. Sports Forum
    guys we got football on sunday. redskins v colt
  4. General Cigar Discussion
    Hey guys and gals, I made the Hall of Fame!! haha Here's the link if you wanna check it out: For some reason, they listed my middle initial as my last name initial, but oh well. You'll also notice that there are...
  5. Sports Forum
    New inductees tonight- Messier, Francis, Stevens, and McInnis. The debate has already started up here now that Lindros has retired. Does he deserve the Hall in 3 years? He had good numbers. He is quite comparable to Cam Neely. Too bad Eric couldn't skate with his head up.
  6. Sports Forum
    My son Ben and I travelled up to Hamilton, Ontario Canada last weekend for the 2007 Canadian Football Hall of Fame Weekend, which included the unveiling of the busts of this years inductees and the Hall of Fame Game, a CFL contest between my beloved (albeit hapless) Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the...
  7. General Discussion
    Congrats Dave (Hollywood)
  8. Sports Forum
    Ok...I was thinking about all the Steelers fans in CS and that I am running low on some nice cigars...anyone want to put up 5 against my Saints, heads up? I'm thinking of nothing crazy....just for fun: maybe $6 - 10 smokes. :tu
  9. Sports Forum
    I can't wait. The Pittsburgh Steelers(5 Time World Champions) VS The New Orleans Saints. I know it's Pre-season.... but It's STEELER FOOTBALL!!!!!:tu LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!!!!!!
  10. General Discussion
    and they all belong to our very own Hollywood Dave!Congrats my Brother and we will herf soon:ss
  11. General Discussion
    Congrats on the RG milestone, Dave (Hollywood)! You've been a great brother and have played a strong role in my ultimate demise down not one, but two different tobacco slopes. Thanks for all your contributions around CS and for being a good friend!
  12. Sports Forum
    Reciever Michael Irvin, running back Thurman Thomas, offensive lineman Bruce Matthews, defensive back Roger Wehrli and two nominees of the veterans' committee -- tight end Charlie Sanders and guard Gene Hickerson. More on the story here; One thing that...
  13. Sports Forum
    Tony Gwynn of the Padres and Cal Ripken, Jr. of the Orioles.Story from Hall of Fame website Both men were great players, and, seemingly, personified excellence. Two great inductions.
  14. Sports Forum
    Would you vote for Mark McGwire for induction in the Hall of Fame?
  15. Sports Forum
    :) :D :u :w :al I know it's only pre-season..but IT"S FOOTBALL!!!!
  16. General Discussion
    The International Rockabilly Festival kicks off tomorrow, in Jackson Tn. I know its not much, but its something to do. Tom
  17. General Cigar Discussion
    Along with the DWSC, I listen to the Blowing Smoke Podcast. Last month I entered a contest of theirs and, low and behold I won. I only won a deck of Cuesta Rey playing cards but hell I never win anything. Usually my luck is so bad that I could be one of two people in a contest or drawing and...
  18. General Cigar Discussion
    Got a mention on this weeks Dog Watch Social Club podcast! Cheers Bob and Dale!
  19. Sports Forum
    The vote is coming up this year and I think there are some glaring omissions that need to be added to the Hall. Gossage - this is the most glaring one; his numbers are downright staggering and he'd destroy today's hitters. Sutter - I'd put him right behind Goose. The Hawk, Dawson, he was...
  20. General Discussion
    Just had to dig this skeleton out of the closet. If any thread deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, it is this one by our very own Fluff Meister. :D Hall of Fame Nominee FYI - I'm well aware of my own forays into the fluff zone. So don't get any funny ideas. :r
1-20 of 21 Results