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  1. Illinois
    August 26, 2011 - 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Esteban Carreras Cigar Event at Rudy's in Loves Park, IL. Anyone on here from the stateline area of northern, IL?
  2. General Cigar Discussion
    Phenomenal cigar for the money, Im not even halfway through and Im sold. Super oily maduro wrapper, top notch construction, great draw and burn and some delicious flavors. I picked up some at Cigar Room II in Agawam MA just south of Springfield for $6 a piece. I highly recommend you guys in...
  3. Cigar Questions
    Anyone try a lot of the different brands? Any favorites?
  4. Cigar Questions
    Where can I get these! I am smoking one as I type this and this is a must have more cigar. The only place online I see them is but they advertise them in bundles. I was under the impression these came in a box. This is an excellent smoke!
  5. Michigan
    Sorry about the late notice guys but here are the details! Red Arrow Cigar and Wine March 10th Thursday's Event.:woohoo: It runs from 4pm until 8pm and features: Esteban Carreras Cigars. Receive up to ~$140 in freebies. Beer. 10% off pick-6s and 20% off pick-12s. Wine. 20% off purchase...
  6. Non-Habanos Reviews
    esteban carreras 10 anos gifted by...ok,i can't remember for sure who gave it to me,but if it was you,post up please! nice feel to it,coffee and spicy tobacco smell guillotine to cut,torch to light,and just like that,i'm smoking! first few puffs has a little spice,but lighter coffee than i...
  7. Non-Habanos Reviews
    Details: Wrapper: 10-year aged Nicaraguan Natural Maduro Filler: Nicaraguan Binder: Nicaraguan Size: 5.5 X 54 Toro Cost: $10 (Got it out of the buy 1 get 1 free cabinet so really only $5.) Prelight:(10) The first thing that attracted me to this cigar was it's band. For a minute I thought it...
  8. General Cigar Discussion
    Is it true that the Esteban Carreras 187 and 5150 are named for the CA Penal Codes? Does anyone know what was the thought behind naming these cigars? (did enjoy a 187 yesterday, and look forward to the 5150)
  9. Cigar Questions
    Went by my local B&M tonight. Talked with the guy for a bit on suggestions for me. After I told him my likes and dislikes he pointed me toward the Esteban Carrera 187. He said they are close to the taste of the 1964 Padron.:hmm: Has anyone had this cigar? It was $6 which is low for this shop!
  10. Smoking Action
    I bought 10 of these when they were on roughly half price, and smoked a Rocky Patel Edge maduro after it, and frankly, I liked the Esteban a bit better! Great stogie and reasonably priced ! I was worried because I had 9 more after this one, and if I didn't like the first one... but I was...
  11. Cigar Pictures
    My first order of stogies from Atlantic came in today :) Very happy not to get slapped with outrageous tobacco tax (I'm in Canada). Got the 10 pack of Esteban's for like $30US, plus another $34 for the RP sampler pack. Looking forward to all of 'em! (the Estebans are a 5.5" by 52 ring)
  12. General Cigar Discussion
    And it is damn good! I know I posted a while ago about this cigar when I first tried it, smoking the first one since then, has been at least 3 months. Now I smoke at least one cigar almost every day and this is the first one in a while that I just felt I needed to post about. Its a med to full...
  13. Meet the Manufacturer
    coming from California these cigars are no joke. Making its way to the east coast...and coming to a retail shop near you. Take it from me there are GREAT. Here is a little info about their cigars.... 10 Anos & Habano line are manufactured for us by Abdel Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua. Abdel...
  14. Non-Habanos Reviews
    I picked up a box of these beauties this week from CI. I had a couple a few months back and loved them. They are discontinued, and you can pick up a box for less than $40.00. They were $136.00 a box. When they are gone, they are gone. Not sure why such a great cigar is discontinued, but it...
  15. General Cigar Discussion
    I just won a couple of boxes on the devil site of the Esteban Carrera Corona Corojo's blended by Rocky Patel. RP is the reason I bid on them and got them for cheeeeeeeeeeeappppp! A quick review....smoked one right off the truck and am putting the others to rest for a little while! Now, bear...
  16. General Cigar Discussion
    Anyone ever have one? They're on cbid and I've tried top 25 cigars to find reviews, but they're not on there. Advice needed and appreciated :) Link to auction
1-16 of 16 Results