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  1. General Pipe Forum
    The Anchor Brewing Co. Christmas Ale has loads of lakeland essence in it. :D
  2. General Pipe Forum
    :twitch::poke::scared::suspicious::fear: Are there any other smilies I should include there? LOL. Haven't even smoked it yet, but I now have a very generous portion of Gawith and Hogarth #7 Broken Flake in a jar. I might have to go get another cob just to try it.....I get the feeling it...
  3. General Pipe Forum
    Hi All ! It seems like Lakeland essence yields a taste and scent experience that brings about extremely polarized sentiments. I adore this stuff. The floral taste, the scent when letting a whisper through the nostrils, the room note all make me smile just thinking of it. Chime in with your...
  4. Cigar News, Videos, Reviews, Interviews, etc
    Esencia sounds like excellent and essence and is a suitable name for this cigar. A dynamic, pleasureable blend whose taste was refined though stro... Read the full review here: Esencia Corona Gorda Cigar Review - excellent essence
  5. Habanos Discussion
    I recently downloaded the torrent "The Essence of the Cuban cigar" and I gotta tell you its a pretty darn good movie. In fact I'm so impressed that I'm decided to help seed this movie for my fellow botls (in fact I may be one of the only seeders left). So if you are so inclined go to a torrent...
  6. Habanos Discussion
    If you haven't seen this it is worth the time and trouble to download it and watch it. It is a large mpeg (350 mb) and seems to not play all the way if you stream it. Just over 30 minutes long and narrated, it shows tobacco from field to finished product. The best parts are after about the 12...
  7. Habanos Discussion
    Found this little video on, The Essence of Cuban Cigars, nice little movie, This was posted back in 03 by another member, I think Radar will reconize it. If you have dial up, lite up a Churchill and come back in an hour, it might be done downloading, thank God for Broadband :p Enjoy...
1-7 of 7 Results